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  1. Torchlight?

    This is why you should buy Torchlight.
  2. Torchlight?

    OK so I didn't remember the item correctly and its just Wizaaaaards! but it's still just as awesome to me! It's just a random drop I found lieing on the ground. It's one of those items that has a golden glow around it at the end of a scroll type dungeon rather than one that is dropped by a monster. Youtube video is uploading right now so I'll post again when its ready!
  3. Torchlight?

    There is a unique one handed sword in this game called the Sword of Adam that I found on my alchemist. The caption underneath says "The Wizaaard" and whenever you swing it it makes sound effects as if a person was saying them with one of them being "The Wizaaaard". When I get home from work I'll grab a screenshot and maybe make a short youtube of it in action but it elevated this game from great to awesome for me the moment I identified it.