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  1. Oh, also The Wizard by Black Sabbath reminds me of Trine and Idle Thumbs simultaneously, brings a manly tear to my eye over the loss of the cast. For the obvious reasons plus I kept playing it and Idle Thumbs ( not at the same time...) while playing Trine, I also just realised I've played Trine full through 4 times. Fuck yeah, Trine!
  2. Here's a strange one: Like a rolling stone by Bob Dylan reminds me of Red Faction: Guerilla. I somehow managed to get the song going on a loop by mistake while playing the game and didn't bother turning it off for a couple of hours...
  3. Videogames for very young children

    I'm a firm believer that 2D platformers are the way to go for getting someone into video games. It's worth shelling out for a NES, SNES and the Mario games.
  4. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    Ah, that's good to hear, not having proper attack cues in DMC4 after seeing them (almost) perfected in DMC3 and Monster Hunter really threw me off. To be honest, Bayonetta had completely fallen off my radar, but now I'll have to sacrifice another €60 to the Video game gods. *sigh* It's a strange feeling, being annoyed everytime you remember of another great game you have to buy.
  5. I have no idea why, but Anno 1404 goes amazingly well with the Gamers With Jobs conference call.
  6. Oh man, I just finished listening to episode 50. I laughed so much, no tears! Not as depressed as I thought I would be about it, even though after listening to all 50 episodes in 3 weeks I feel like Nick, Chris and video games are friends. Yet they have no idea who I am, sort of strange to think of it in those terms. Listening to every episode in such a short space of time was definitely the right choice, while at least half of those countless hours were hilarious crap, there really were nuggets of englightenment in there that matured my tastes and helped me to figure out how I can break down the specific design choices in a game. Thanks for the 70 or so hours of awesome, Congrats Nick and congratulations Nick! Hope the Steve Gaynor experience starring Chris and video games is out soon.
  7. Far Cry 2

    Oh shit, I didn't think of that. I was saved by (black lady I can't remember the name of), but got sick of shooting at people I couldn't see so I got in my truck and drove off. Hope she's alive and all.
  8. Regarding the good news: YES! Exactly what I was hoping it would be, woo. On Dragon Age, is it just me, or is the Human Noble story 'A Song of Ice and Fire' with black changed to grey?
  9. Good news? I'm only on episode 20, someone spoil the good news please!
  10. Torchlight?

    Playing the game while listening to Idle Thumbs backlog is just pure fun.
  11. Half Life 2: I'm really missing the point

    Maybe the reason I didn't enjoy it all that much is because of the expectations I had going into it. I mean, I was expecting to have (what I'm told is) the best game companion ever made and just looking forward to that the whole time, but now it seems like she's only in the episodes? I'll have to try playing it again after a few months, with different expectations. Although I'm going to play the episodes as soon as I can.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V Announced!

    ... God damn it!
  13. Torchlight?

    That is pretty damn awesome. Although I sort of wish they had used direct audio from Idle Thumbs, would have been amazing.
  14. Torchlight?

    EDIT (for some reason, I can't edit my posts or make new topics, so this will have to do): Sorry McDunkin, hadn't realised you already posted it.
  15. Torchlight?

    I liked that.