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  1. Oh shit, I forgot about Mega GIRP! RIP 285 Kent.


    The whole Babycastles crowd was obsessed with Bennett’s games. The word QWOP just became like a generic greeting or interjection for a while. I think if someone streetpasses my 3DS right now, they’ll be greeted by my Mii just saying QWOP!


    My meager contribution to the culture:


    Excellent episode.

  2. Do not go gentle into that marmite.


    Just slather it on some toast, along with some butter. It's so good (I usually had Vegemite, because I find the consistency a little more pleasing). It's on the large list of things I had to stop eating when I found out I had celiac disease. The way the yeast is reused from other processes means it's come into contact with things like wheat and barley, and some of that gluten protein survives.


    I miss it. I will have to enjoy my autolyzed yeast extract vicariously.

  3. 30 minutes ago, Clonefreak1 said:

    Someone now needs to be the guardian of "Wax House, Baby." Changing the wiki edit back at random intervals. Not that I would do anything like that, it just sounds exhausting...

    Sadly, repeated alterations like that would lead to the page being locked down, which is no fun for anyone. At least the edit history sticks around, which paired with this podcast makes for a good historical record.