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  1. I'm digging it so far. A few of us have been chatting about it on the Slack, in #startrek.
  2. It's maybe not the smartest episode, but you can't get more Picard-centric than Starship Mine.
  3. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I don't know what to do now, this was the only thread I was following on this forum. bye... thanks for... stopping by...
  4. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Congrats, Ben.
  5. Paladins: Champions Of The Thing

    I'm curious about it too. My current plan is to wait for the freeish version to hit the Switch.
  6. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Awesome! Now I have my first scene!
  7. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    OK, since I successfully made a simple twine story last time, I'm clearly ready to step up to Unity and make a AAA 3D experience. Let's do this!
  8. Tone Control 24: Bennett Foddy

    Oh shit, I forgot about Mega GIRP! RIP 285 Kent. The whole Babycastles crowd was obsessed with Bennett’s games. The word QWOP just became like a generic greeting or interjection for a while. I think if someone streetpasses my 3DS right now, they’ll be greeted by my Mii just saying QWOP! My meager contribution to the culture: Excellent episode.
  9. The Fast and the Furious series

    F8 is not gr8, but there are a couple of good bits. The best is when Statham breaks character:
  10. Important If True 53: Alexa, Destroy Me

    Jesus Christ, Nick.
  11. Subnautica: Sleeping with the fishes

    Yeah, I'm scared of, like, regular fish.
  12. Enjoy this song about Vancouver's tree problem
  13. Subnautica: Sleeping with the fishes

    This game seems cool, but I think I’d be too scared to play it. Being deep underwater with weird critters lurking about is right in the terror zone for me. But weirdly, that kinda makes me want to play it.
  14. Do not go gentle into that marmite. Just slather it on some toast, along with some butter. It's so good (I usually had Vegemite, because I find the consistency a little more pleasing). It's on the large list of things I had to stop eating when I found out I had celiac disease. The way the yeast is reused from other processes means it's come into contact with things like wheat and barley, and some of that gluten protein survives. I miss it. I will have to enjoy my autolyzed yeast extract vicariously.
  15. I probably first saw this here, so it might not be new to anyone, but the DVNO video (awesome) reminded me of this also awesome thing, a behind-the-scenes breakdown of that one really iconic HBO dealie: So fucking dope
  16. I enjoyed the season in general, but I thought the way they wrapped up certain major threads was kind of rushed and anticlimactic.
  17. I like the new podcast slogan: Just Butt Stuff.
  18. Monster Hunter World

    Add me to the list of people who bounced off of past iterations but got hooked with World. I really love it. Right now I'm having a love affair with the lance.
  19. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    This one just did such a good job of showing off the animation and world. So much better than the main cinematic trailer: The banging Kraftwerk remix really helps this one, which was the reason I got a PS3: Also:
  20. I finally finished watching Enterprise. Now I’ve seen all the Star Trek. The final season of Enterprise was pretty good!
  21. Important If True 45: Wax House, Baby

    Sadly, repeated alterations like that would lead to the page being locked down, which is no fun for anyone. At least the edit history sticks around, which paired with this podcast makes for a good historical record.
  22. I was blown away ( by the level of deep nerd lore with this inclusion. The way it reaches across multiple series really got my fan-ganglia quivering.