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  1. Bulletstorm Might Be the Next Serious Sam

    If they can make the multiplayer work like shown in the trailers so far - I'm interested. Don't really care about SP FPS games anyway.
  2. LittleBigPlanet 2

    As a PC only gamer this is the only game I really feel like I'm missing on something. The tools they seem to be offering remind me a lot of what the SC2 Galaxy Editor will do (probably not as flexible as SC2, though) and it really makes me "sad" that this won't ever hit the PC because I can really see the mod community do a lot more on the platform. It's surprising to see their fans not being angry at the devs for directly lying to them about not releasing a sequel especially this soon.
  3. Plain Sight

    I apologize if this was already answered but what happens if I buy the game from Impulse for instance? Do you get the leaderboards, achievements from Steam or are there separate extras like that for each digital distributor?
  4. You know there's a new podcast out, right?

    And if you pre-order Frozen Synapse, you get a free copy of the game and both enter in the beta. Sweet.
  5. Plain Sight

    If I buy the game from some other DD site, does the game still have leaderboards, achievements, etc? The game looks like a lot of fun but does it have staying power?
  6. Starcraft 2

    If you want to play vs/with a noob who is in the copper league and is still trying to re-learn RTS gaming, my game account is liquid.gwj. For EU beta testers only.
  7. Ubisoft DRM

    In other words: no. And you will have rage quitters fucking up your game. Makes me love S2 even more for putting the servers for Heroes of Newerth. I haven't had a game with more than 80ms ping and I've played over 300 games.
  8. Civilization 5

    Civilization V Preview
  9. Ubisoft DRM

    I'm not purchasing any game related to Ubisoft because of this. If that's gonna make them happy - so be it. I did lol, though, when their DRM servers got DDOSed
  10. Limbo

    PC or other versions aren't being ruled out. Maybe down the road they will port it, that's what I got in the email I sent them asking to be unsubscribed from their mailing list if they weren't planning on releasing it on the PC.
  11. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    That makes more sense now, thanks. We'll see what happens, too bad we will never know the truth, though.
  12. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    I was surprised as well. Here's the link where I read it from, but it is possible that I've misunderstood something. This part specifically: Ninja edits. All this legal talk makes my head spin. Why can't they just get along or at least speak with normal words and expressions?
  13. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Apparently, the CoD franchise belongs to Activision. Those two clowns own the Modern Warfare brand or at least that's what they claim their contracts with ATV say.
  14. Limbo

    Or Joe Danger.
  15. Limbo

    Won't be the first XBLA game not to show up on the PC and like all those before it - none mentioned a PC version.
  16. Limbo

    I was looking forward to this so much and now it's coming out on XBLA only? Goddamn it!
  17. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Doubt it. They aren't property of Activision like IW. If Activision had any say in Blizzard's business we would have seen StarCraft 4 bundled with plastic guitar by now and Diablo games each year coming from 4 different developers. All games multiplatform too.
  18. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Some more info: Don't think it's harsh. VZ is an arrogant prick who thinks he's better than anyone probably or at least that's how he tries to act when interviewed. All they have to do now is bring back Grant Collier and I may actually give IW/A some money in two years.
  19. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Hope Zampella got axed. I'm so sick of his sarcastic/rolling eyes attitude in almost every interview when he's asked something that he may not agree with.
  20. Mass Effect 2

    Not a fair analogy, because most PC ports nowadays suck and most PC versions are pure ports
  21. Mass Effect 2

    Which is probably because they built it better this time, not because of the guys porting it. Now I'm really not looking to buy Dragon Age based on my experience with this. Maybe if there is a demo. Those 'minor' things like the console interface, lack of shortcuts, lack of map in some areas, the inability to place markers on the map, lack of shortcuts for the weapons - all those put together really get in the way of me enjoying the game. This leads me to believe that the first one would have been like that but the guys porting it added proper mouse/keyboard support to the game.
  22. Mass Effect 2

    No, I meant that they shouldn't have done the PC version. The guys that ported the first ME should have.
  23. Mass Effect 2

    Just started, 3 hours in. No one mentioned the problems of the game. Everyone kept saying "whatever you didn't like in the first one, it's fixed here". Not true at all. I guess someone here has mentioned them, but the game feels like a complete console port. The UI, lack of shortcuts and other (poor, imo) design decisions really bring the game down for me. BioWare shouldn't have made the PC version of this one.
  24. Civilization 5

    I hope this one or at least the Facebook version of Civilization is dumbed down enough for me to grasp it. I've tried each Civ game since the first but never had the patience to actually learn to play it, despite the fact that I love the idea of the game. Maybe if they make the multiplayer like an MMO with your persistent civilization and all that stuff...
  25. Dead Space

    That's just too bad. Loved the first but I care a bit less now since I read that they were making it more of an action-shooter and less of a survival horror.