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  1. Other podcasts

    I keep trying to listen to common sense but turn it off before the intro is through. This is not because I don't think it will be good, but rather because I don't want planet of the apes C. Heston to turn out to be the same as nra Pres. C. Heston. And because I'm a big baby who can't deal with nuance in my podcast hosts.
  2. Other podcasts

    Hardcore History has already been brought up by Chris and it's the best "one guy talking into a mic" podcast around. If you have a short attention span get the two blitz editions, only about 45 mins long, about drug abuse through history and the grand history of slavery (why are your shoes so cheap?) Really quick listens that will get you hooked on another podcast with sporadic updates. Radiolab by. WNYC is to radio production in the '00s, what this American life was to radio production in the '90s. After radiolab you will find other science podcasts dry and bland. Much like idle thumbs, these podcasts will make podcasts in similar genres taste like milk one day after expiration (okay I guess... if I don't think about it too hard) you're welcome.
  3. We like what you do but we don't like you

    But when anything big happens, like mass firings or a solar eclipse, I assume that double fine will be looking for a new publisher.
  4. We like what you do but we don't like you

    any rumblings about double fine? They seem to have a history of being punted by publishers. I just don't want schafer to have to get yet another mortgage.
  5. How has Idle Thumbs affected your life?

    I will sum up what idle thumbs has meant to me despite having been aware of it for 5 weeks. Being a douche bag or Faulknerian man-boy is not a prerequisite for liking games. I was at the brutal legend midnight sale and the number of backward hats and 30 year Olds with the latest pokedex memorized brought me to despair. On top of that no one in the crowd had even heard of any of the classic schafer games (except for one girl in a Jack skellington hoodie who said grim Fandango sounded familiar). I felt very old and very defeated. Is this my tribe, are these the people I share a common thread with? Maybe it's time to hang it up. I trolled the guts of the interweave looking for the gaming podcast intro that would speak to me, all I got was chug-a-wugga guitars, bad electronica, public domain record scratching to a halt and announced sarcasm (which defeats the whole point of sarcasm). Then, harpsichord, video games video games video games. Probably all about video games. That cast, followed by the forums, let m e know I'm not the only one who sees how retarded/awesome, video games are. And you can hold both ideas in your head and in your discussion at the same time. (Add several exclamation points for emphasis). For the first time in a long while I want to hear what other people have to say about video games without dreading how shallow their analysis will be. Thanks for the 'casts, thanks for the memes, thanks for the nearly 100 hours of listening pleasure. Nick sign only non-disclosure agreements which exclude idle thumbs, fuck you anyways j/k (not really). Best of luck on fallout 6. Chris all theyour songs are gems I'm really glad you only wrote them when you felt it. See you gdc 2016 godfather keynote. Jake thanks for helping to steal the gold rings off of the steaming corpse pile known as lucasarts. Best of luck on full throttle 2. All j/king aside great job guys it may have been a happy accident but you put out something really terrific that's made at least one grumpy old 20 something want to game again. -— brought to you by gojeffygo, his MyTouch, #50, wistfulblness, and artesian microbrews (fucking snob)
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    So I listened to 50 and was shocked how heavy it sat in my chest. Bethesda should be warned Nick makes communities so that he can break their hearts... best of luck Nick. Dried my video game tears and came to the forum to fill the hole with lots of text, and boost ... and goldfish. Also to find kc metro gamers who know who Tim schafer is and why. But that's for another thread. In closing fuck you Nick j/k (not really). Also will fuck you Nick or shitty wizard be the last meme of idle thumbs proper?
  7. Brütal Legend overload...!

    I didn't think of it until you said it but you are so right. Especially during her introduction right after she stabs the tire. I love all the homages in BL. The lift Banger with raz's voice and goggles was great. As was the wagon of bones paint job. Schafer is an f'ing iron chef; uses the same ingredients almost every time but with enough spice and panache to make a unique main course everytime.