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  1. Assassin's Creed II

    Venice is the last major city, but it is the biggest and there are definitely lots of viewpoints. You might have skipped over the viewpoints in Forli since you don't really do any story missions there (except for the DLC, of course)
  2. Mass Effect 2

    For those with the PC version: is there a way to change the mouse sensitivity? I changed the camera settings to "low" but the change was insignificant if there was a change at all.
  3. So, how is everyone?

    The PC Gamer UK podcast is great, but the US one is meh. I only listen to it because I have to fill my work week with 8 hours of podcasts a day.
  4. 2009?

    I really liked the list as well. I had never heard of Cave Story until I read it. I just downloaded it today (it's free!) and it is definitely one of the best indie games I have ever played.
  5. So.. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    If you want a challenge, try to 100% the challenges...that took me awhile.
  6. New PC: suggest me awesome games!

    dragon age a-doy
  7. Black Friday Deals

    I picked up Indigo Prophecy because I heard it gives you a taste in what Quantic Dream is trying to do with Heavy Rain.
  8. Mother 3

    Downloading now...I can't wait! I beat Earthbound maybe 20 times as a kid. I didn't have many games
  9. Assassin's Creed II

    Is it just me or did the last few decoder wheel puzzles not make any sense? I ended up lining it up to whatever picture was in the clue and then set the number of one I didn't know to a picture that it could be and cycled through the 3rd and pressed A after every spin. I would repeat that until I "solved" it.
  10. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

    I got this game on the DS yesterday and it is really addictive. It's one of those hybrid games that really hits a sweet spot. It has RPG, strategy, and puzzle elements, but none of them seemed tacked on like many multi-genre games. Anyone else loving this game?
  11. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    The thing I like about FF games is the unique battle systems and character development. It's not really about exploration or shaping the story like Bioware or Bethesda RPGs.
  12. PixelJunk Shooter!

    The Giant Bomb Quick Look makes me want this game. I will probably pick it up sometime this winter.
  13. Annoying gaming news site headlines

    Just saw this one on Joystiq. NSMB Wii hits big in Japan: bricks record, collects coin
  14. iPhoning it in

    Probably at least an hour spread over my day at work. Whenever I feel like taking a break I play for a couple minutes. That happens a lot
  15. iPhoning it in