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  1. Waluigi: Ocarina of Time

    Shame indeed! Sorry
  2. Waluigi: Ocarina of Time

    Stolen from GAF:
  3. Moondog - The Real Moon Wizard

    I thought about this guy during the recent episode that had a discussion about Destiny and the Moon Wizard. I'm surprised I never mentioned him before, because he personifies Idle Thumbs. Esoteric, crazy music, Wizard garb, and general wackiness. His name is a combination of Moon and (Big)Dog. I mean, look at this guy. From Wiki: Please mock if I'm LTTP on this, but I had to share.
  4. DOTA 2

    Dat white guilt
  5. DOTA 2

    I look at it like this. In Dota (or any competitive game outside of basic TDM type stuff), you need to communicate. That skill is equally important as last hitting, or knowing what character to pick based on team comp. If you purposefully choose to play in a region where you know you won't be able to communicate, you are screwing over your team from being able to play well. Spanish, I can accept as there's at least some cross knowledge and understanding of languages in the social zeitgeist. But Portugese, Russian, Ukranian, Malaysian, etc? C'mon.
  6. Return of the Steam Box!

    I feel ya, and I don't think you are incorrect. I think it's just too early to know for sure. Heck, will any of the initial games even be built on new engines? I, for one, can not wait for the release of whatever UE4 game comes out, just so it can start to answer questions of what to recommend people!
  7. Return of the Steam Box!

    This is way off topic, but it's rather disingenuous to say that you have the answers, base them on speculation, and then deride people who have empirical evidence to back it up. I get what you're saying, as things may change, but I find the conclusions a bit simplistic at best. "Those CPU's have 8 cores, therefore having more cores is good!". When the total power of said CPUs is more in the realm of a single Intel Sandy/Ivy/Haswell core, it feels like jumping to conclusions. I know it's hard to say, but "I don't know" is the only real recommendation we can give at this point
  8. Return of the Steam Box!

    Maybe. Any evidence we have right now is still saying no. It's not definite though. Scott Wasson, from TechReport on the subject:
  9. Return of the Steam Box! For something that is at home next to a TV: This would probably be really great advice in the past, but this time around things are really different. The CPUs in the xbone and PS4 are more in line with the new iPhone CPU's (kid you not) than they are desktop processors. Even assuming 100% scaling on the 8 cores, it puts the total power just over a single core of a Sandy/Ivy/Haswell i5. Graphics, again, you can have all the VRAM in the world, but you need the ability to render said data. The APU that's in the consoles isn't anything to really write home about. This isn't like when the PS3 or 360 came out when they were challenging the best of the best PC's at the time. That's just on a hardware level. Once you start to look at the possibilities of where SteamOS can go, it's a really exciting future.
  10. Return of the Steam Box!

    Video RAM is, of right now, very overblown. Some comparative testing of Kepler cards between the 2GB and 4GB variants are showing no difference in performance, even when the VRAM is loaded up to the max. They've only been able to do this by cranking AA levels and/or downsampling though. Low powered APU in ITX form factor being served up by a proper tower in a closet seems like the ultra-nerd way of the future.
  11. Return of the Steam Box!

    It works fairly well with the Shield as well, even over wireless. In non twitch type games, the input lag isn't even noticeable. I know that Valve is working to build the OS around minimizing input lag as well, which is great to see.
  12. Return of the Steam Box!

    Excuse me, I mean server in the loosest sense of the word. As in, your main gaming machine which is doing the workload and serving video to the client. From: This kind of theory seems implied with the marketing information as well.
  13. Return of the Steam Box!

    They confirmed this at CES earlier this year, IIRC. Maybe it was the year before. I'm *really* interested in how the server side of the streaming service handles workflow. With so many games being as CPU dependent as they are, how is this all going to play out if you were streaming multiple games at once?
  14. Microphone Recomendations

    Here you go: Personally, I really dislike all of the USB microphones. They have a little whine and pop to them that sounds very digitized. The ModMic is the only one I've found that can compare to the mic on my old Sennheiser PC-350s.
  15. Highly Polished Competitive Games

    Why would you say this without knowing what the system entails?