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  1. The "Godly Plate of the Whale" was not in the original Diablo, it was created in editors and distributed online. It was not considered "legit" by those who tried to avoid rampant cheating. I was the leader of a legit guild, it was my first and only attempt at running a guild. We "signed" an online form saying we would not cheat or play with anyone who did cheat. We were allowed to run one editor program to verify other players didn't have "hacked" equipment. - scroll down to Prefixes and Suffixes which describes this. "For example, the item "Godly Plate of the Whale" (abbreviated on as "G.P.O.W.") cannot be generated by any monster or vendor in the game. It was made, and then duplicated, using third-party software known as item editors."
  2. I thought everyone knew Cool Spot for Genesis is the pinnacle of platforming.
  3. You owe it to yourself to try Caveman Games -
  4. Episode 324: Tower Defense

    Wow no mention of Harvest Massive Encounter in the podcast or this thread! It has a lot of the elements asked for in the podcast. Your towers and production are constantly under attack as you're forced to expand to the ore across the map as you use it up. It forces a lot of decisions you don't find in other tower defense games and is well received.
  5. I'm the Projectionist in the first Phantom Menace email! I hope the guy I stopped is a listener!
  6. Hey Folks, long time listener and Goodjer here. I don't typically post here but I had to comment on my favorite RTS of all time - Rise of Nations. I left town on a business trip the day after this podcast was published and it made traveling easier getting to listen to you guys talk. I have the original version so I haven't bothered with the Steam version. I guess that means I won't be able to hook up with anyone for multiplayer. I have to respectfully disagree with you Tom about Rise of Legends but you've convinced me to re-install and reassess it. I remember being disappointed with how not-Rise-of-Nations it was. Specifically things like designated places to put cities instead of wherever you want.
  7. Howdy, Goodjer here. I just had to make a forum account here to thank you for an awesome podcast. It's the only other podcast I listen to (GWJ first of course )