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  1. Recommendations for non-fantasy Western RPGs

    Bloodlines was really cool, but it didn't work on the first version of xp when I converted over so I stopped playing it and now i can't find my cd. I'm sure it works on it now though, it was cool. When I read the thread name I asked myself "How many cowboy Rpgs could there actually be?" I realized I was wrong when I read the post, lol.
  2. I think my 360 is dying... AGAIN!

    I know mine totally came back. Mine was mint condition, I didn't use it for months, I turn it on and bam, its dead. When I get it back the dvd player sounded like a weed wacker. It barely opens the tray now and I'm sure its about to die pretty soon, I stopped watching dvds on it just to keep it alive a little longer.
  3. PAX East

    Wow, I didn't know this was going on. I missed regular Pax this year because I moved from vancouver to montreal, so this kind of works out and always wanted to visit some east coast american cities.
  4. Thanks for the links Chris, I'll try to track some of these peoples works down; kind of curious to see what it's about, out of the million comic nerds I've met they've all been into the same stuff, mainly superhero stuff or a few of the things coming from France and europe. @Syntheticgerbil: Yeah I mean the standard format of a super hero comic we see today hasn't changed a lot in 50 years(it was probably more but I tend to generalize and still think it's 1990 when I cite dates; in which case I was probably still off.) and what I just assumed the coversation was about since most video games that reference or is inspired from a comic is usually from those of that type. So yeah, sorry, I'm narrowing my meaning because I made assumptions that may have been false, sorry for the confusion, all of which I could have probably have solved if I just said "over 50 years" which is probably what I meant all a long
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! Figured I'd post this too since I've been really getting into Idlethumbs a lot. I was a big fan of the Shackcast back when Remo was there with Nick and it left a really empty void in my week until I decided to go check what he was up to, in which I found this! Cool to see a place where like minded gamers can come together for some interesting and hilarious discussions. Also, the forum banners are crazy cool, I like purty pictures.
  6. Epic Disney on GameInformer

    I remember seeing a brief pitch for this durning my days at Disney a few years ago, I don't know how much it has changed but at the time it was very un-wii(I dont even think the wii was out yet) and the story was actually pretty cool. It's not going to be this gorefest or even super intelligent, but it had a pretty interesting premise, so I'm hoping good things from it. Even watching Warren Spectors master classes he did; the man is still on the ball for what makes a good game too.
  7. Ah, well I pretty much associate the term comics with american comic books since that seems where most of the games are getting its reference. I tend to ignore pretty much everything else happening in Japan and Europe, especially stuff pre 1950. Just curious now, if you have any suggestions that you lean towards as being good comics that are unrealated to superhero stuff as I'm pretty much in the dark on that side of things. As far as "super hero" comics I learn more towards stuff like the original Conan stories, a few books of the Authority, Miracle Man, The Ultimates, Sandman, Watchmen, and probably a few others mostly written by Moore, Morrison, Gaimen, and maybe Ellis. I consider these a little more sophisticated comics, but they are all essentially super heroes, with maybe the exception of TinTin, who rocks too.
  8. Snap. Anyway, considering comics have been around for 50 years, they do have a head start on both thoughtful works and stupidity; a lot of what I find is the most ridiculous stuff in comics just comes from the fact that there is so much retarded back story and most of the characters that have been going since the golden age are just played out. Imagine 50 years from now with Gears of War 30 and just how ridiculous those already stone dead retards are going to act. With that said, the same thing seems to be going on in hollywood over these days; I'm finding that hollywood has finally caught on and is making some of the most interesting things in their industry with a budget, then on the other side we get the polar opposite of giant pieces of stupidity.
  9. Congrats on the one year. Listening now; The Ripper; WTF? Are they serious? I just read the headline and thought "Would be awesome if it was this open world detective game on with a time limit to track and find the ripper" Edit: Looks like I was on the same page with the thumbs on wanting something a little more and inventive from the title, it would be totally cool. But what are the odds of that? Well not much since theres vampires and shit in there. Bleh.