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  1. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Was watching the Giant Bomb quick look and it appears that Ubisoft kept my most irritated feature of FarCry 3... the protagonist whines every time he guts an animal. At some point, I figured you just wouldn't care...
  2. Yuck. I know I've given Blizzard shit for their trademark art style feeling over used in the last few years, and while this feels like a departure it also feels extremely uninspired and generic. Is it one of the million saturday morning cartoons on or a throw away disney flick? I can't tell! The gameplay reminds me of shadow run fps more than anything; which isn't bad, but the tone/art does nothing for me. Blizzard is weird now.
  3. Yeah I get the original idea, Thrik, but games are pretty scalable and at a certain point a few bucks isn't going to make or break it. If you were say starting a certain business or to put into production a set of physical goods, than I'd see that number as being more definite. When it comes to software production, marketing, whatever, it would be easy to say "We didn't x amount of money, therefore we cut y or z out in order to make it". The argument could be made that the "art" suffers, but I think for some, I'd rather make a scaled back dream project than never making it at all. I get what you're saying about the stretch goals, but I don't agree. Under that philosophy you're saying every project cost should be calculated to it's bare bones, but this isn't how game productions work, even in AAA. It's the reason why every project scales back during production, no one sets out to create the bare bones frame work of a game and hope they get the time and money to add some extra features. And who is to define what the core features would be? Every game is different. Say for something like this, what if they decided to have less sound design that would save them 5k? It certainly wouldn't make it any less of a game if it did, it just isn't ideal, yet, they would make their kickstarter if they set out to do that. Kickstarter should be to fund projects under the best case scenario, that doesn't mean you get greedy, that's what the stretch goals are for, best case scenario + your wildest dreams come true (more or less). In the real world, you may not get your best case scenario, but I don't believe that means an entire idea and plan should be thrown out, that's why I think there should be an incorporation for missing the goal by a marginal amount.
  4. It's funny how kickstarter hasn't really updated it's model for situations like this. Projects will do stretch goals about adding content if they get over funded, but what about being underfunded within a reasonable amount? Depending on the goal, anywhere from $500-$5000 isn't going to make or break a project. Let's say for 100k goal you miss the mark by 5k, why doesn't it take that into account and you clearly state what features might not be included if this happens rather than the absolute failure of the kickstarter? This one is going to be so close, it will hopefully make it, but what if it's just a couple grand shy? Would seem dumb to pull the plug in that case.
  5. Necropolis

    The visual style on a lot of these indy games lately is getting super impressive and extremely intimidating. Long are the days when good pixel art used to cut it. Granted these guys are a bit more established and a studio. Shadowrun Returns looked okay, but I never did end up finishing, I found the game a bit clunky and I wanted more of an RPG element out of it.. though I recall someone said they may have gone with that in an expansion? I dunno. Cool style, cool name.
  6. Fantasy Finale XV

    This has nothing to do with anything, Polygon posted an article about a site where you make bad game tshirts and someone posted this in the comments thread (it's from neogaf though) and I thought it was pretty spectacular.
  7. Lords of the Fallen: Clunky Souls

    Everything about the approach to the design makes me want to play it, since I simply couldn't get through any souls games... but the world building and tone is way off from what I'd want, especially since Souls nailed it so well.
  8. Evolve

    More codes, because.... CODE for PC: 6LKPX-77F68-EFQLE 6LKR2-7QKJB-AMII7 6LKTL-934B6-6RG8N
  9. Evolve

    I won't be playing tonight, but I have three codes for PC: E6HIX-TM7WN-F00GE E6HJC-3AAIQ-HBJ56 E6HJC-IZHXE-42ZN3
  10. What are the best GTA clones?

    I never really considered Just Cause a GTA clone, I guess the first one was sort of set up similarly? I get that the subject matter doesn't need to be the same and an open world game can be an open world game without being a clone. So I wonder where we draw the distinction of what is considered a clone. Does it need to be about crime or just be an open world game, that follows a linear story, has side missions, and you can drive/steal cars? While Red Dead is very mechanically the same, there was some good discussion in the thread how the theme and narrative was very fundamentally different and a couple core systems discouraged the type of play you would normally do in GTA. Anyway, Saints Row 1 was certainly a me too product, but I think by 3 it offered something so much different and became it's own thing, even though it's roots were a clone. The fourth seemed to walk too much of the same ground as 3 and became just a little too far fetched for me to get into. Sleepy Dogs is by far the best GTA clone, it doesn't even try to pretend that it isn't, much like the True Crime series didn't give a shit about being a clone. (Since, as everyone knows, this was supposed to be a true crime game) It was also made by a lot of ex-Rockstar Vancouver people so I think they really nailed what they were after and had some really cool systems (melee combat). It became that middle ground between modern GTAs grandious scale and seriousness and Saints Row budgety/silliness. A lot of the people that made the core game of Sleep Dogs were laid off before Square picked it up and as far as I understand, UFG is a shadow of it's former self when all the work went into the game. I dunno if they have the resources or the talent to make another one, which is a shame.
  11. Political games?

    I think we tried to get Diplomacy going awhile ago, but I'd be in. I tried Democracy 3 out last weekend for a half hour... eh, not my cup of tea. It seemed like it would possibly be deep, but I just don't think I liked the interactions or presentation of it, for a UI game it was really messy and a bit confusing. It did remind me of a more AI driven Nations States. While Nation States never ended up being a "game" the concept and ideas in it were neat and would be a good spring board into something that was a better version of Democracy.
  12. Obra Dinn

    Sweet, can't wait to try it out later!
  13. Bedlam - A post apocalypse Banner Saga

    Yeah okay, art references alone, I'm going to chip in. Fingers crossed.
  14. The Black Glove kickstarter

    Yeah, unless some miracle happens it looks like they aren't going to make it. Even if it wasn't my jam, disappointing it doesn't get made and help employ some seemingly cool people.
  15. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    So the fictional intention of a virtual character murdering other virtual characters justifies the violent display? Yeah, I guess, since I am not 100% familiar with a lot of overly violent video games these days, let me go digging around and break those apart and present them in a later comment; because I think if we closely look at it, there isn't much of a difference. Without knowing a single detail from Call of Duty(meaning I am probably wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off base here) but having the context of "Kill the bad terrorists" is just as appalling. Arming your virtual victims doesn't justify what the game designers intended the player to willingly participate in. And just to be clear, I am not defending the game or giving the developers any justification. I think it looks dumb, but it's the same kind of dumb all the other games of this type are, so I'm really trying to figure out why people get bent out of shape over this and not the millions of others. (Not to give myself an out here, I'm sure there a flaw in my logic somewhere down the line)
  16. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    I make a point not reading polygon since they can find fault and over analyse everything, thus sucking the fun and joy out of anything. But figured this was worth a look since the game warrants their usual kind of attention... turns out it was just reporting and making the tech companies that their logos were being used. Sure? With this much negative PR it's not surprising they wouldn't want to be associated with it. I know I am being pretty callous and quite possibly ambivalent, but this is more or less the same topic that came up in the Battlefield Hardline thread. I am having a very hard time understanding the "acceptable and not acceptable line" in video games these days. Every single one of the mechanics that's the trailer showed have been in dozens of games, the amount and portrayal of the violence is on par with many violent video games. I know I'm probably understanding this incorrectly, but just because you swap out the context of who you are virtually murdering to something a little closer to home, middle class suburbanite culture,it's suddenly the worst thing on earth? Frankly I just shake my head in bewilderment, there isn't much of a difference. If somehow the violence was more explicit or the mechanics so fundamentally different than most games, or it was literally teaching people how to commit actual murder or build a bomb or something, then yeah, I could see the outrage. But this looks like the same type of game as dozens of others with window dressing people don't want to see.
  17. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    Meh, I just shrug this off as trying to hard, the same way I do to angsty teenagers listening to hilariously written music about death and scribbling skulls and knives in their notebooks. I don't see why this deserves any more attention than the billion of other games with the same mechanics and the other handful with similar concepts. It's so over the top and eye rolling that I can shove it under the carpet. Players have literally done every single one of those actions in nearly every modern shooter that has been released in the past 5 years at least. Changing the concept to someone with bad dialog and hate for the world doesn't really change how I view it because the 3d characters you are killing are middle class citizens vs. army dudes, zombies, poor people, animals, whatever...
  18. The Flame in the Flood Kickstarter

    Yeah, it's a shame the next stretch goal isn't the endless mode, I'd probably chip in more, but since the other tiers are mostly language versions, they really have a targeted audience for that. Maybe that's the way to go for those things? I dunno.
  19. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Honestly, I think an entire thread could be dedicated to those premium editions for video games. You get the game you want and a box of crap for the low low price of roughly twice as much. They must sell a ton of them or else companies would have stopped years ago, the psychology of someone who collects/buys that stuff would be interesting dissect; or at least entertaining to discover their lifestyle/culture. Honestly, it's the same reaction working on every game, the marketing, sales, or promotion of a game is usually 100% disconnected from most members of the team and it's really cringe worthy. Most game companies have zero taste.
  20. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I really hope that's true and could become the standard for every licensed IP because it could create some hilariously rag tag kind of entertainment. Also, if it is, they really wasted their budget on the Gollum Tier membership, because that shit was pointless.
  21. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I wonder if it was a weird licensing thing, I heard that stuff, especially with Tolkien can get complicated.
  22. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I'm not an expert on Lotr or anything, again just taking my knowledge from the movies, but did the lack of trolls and wargs in Mordor seem weird to anyone else? Or did the orcs just get those guys from somewhere else and they don't actually hang out in Mordor all the time? It seems like Caragors are the wargs and the gruags are sort of trolls, just an odd distinction they made. Anyhow, I could really see how they could get a lot of extra mileage out of different enemy types that way in future titles.
  23. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I see why the eyes glow now... I take it all back... So yeah, I dominated/branded this dude when I broke up his recruitment thing, figuring that was the end of it, nope, looks like the mission kept going and I got to help him recruit some dudes now that he was mine. There wasn't any kind of big tutorial for this, like in the past, so I thought that is kind of rad. Curious how those other missions play out then. edit: Oh, I guess they do tutorialize it, because the next mission I did took me through all of that. Which really goes to show the best parts of the game are the systems and how you get to discover them for yourself, not when they teach you, though its helpful, it seems like they are always a step behind me. The story is real dumb too, I mean who didn't know what was going on the first time they saw that zombie queen? Just dumb.
  24. Makin' a Website

    I used to get hosting, but as other have reiterated, it gets expensive. I was even thinking of going with Square Space since you get something looking pretty pro, but seems pricey. Eventually I went with tumblr and used a theme to convert it less into a blog. It's free and works pretty okay. It's not perfect, but depending on you're needs you can get a free or cheaply priced theme that gets you most of the way of turning it into a gallery for a portfolio. Then I just registered a domain and cloaked it to use the tumblr, I've been using it for a couple years and seems alright for the price.
  25. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I think a glowy hand print on their face would be sufficent, but I don't want to get hung up on something so little and stupid. I forgot to mention that on the second map, the day time rain colour grading and effects really sold me on the look of that area. At least on my medium visual quality settings, it added that extra bit of atmosphere, specular to objects, and spookiness the area needed. It looked fantastic. Now to find out how to lock time of day and weather through a hack...