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  1. I think it helps by a lot that you folks are gonna do an evening of RP, instead of a post-by-post thing.
  2. Space

    Philae has just minutes ago successfully landed on the comet!
  3. That was a lot of fun! We did some Deathmatch and eventually got a 3 on 3 CTF match going. Team Red was rad and Team Blue were terrible human beings, but I had fun regardless. A new game has been rolled and it iiiiiis: "Community maintained fork of voxel based Minecraft-meets-Battlefield game Ace of Spades. Up to 32 players per server. Alternatively, the OpenSpades clone runs across Windows Mac and Linux."[/size] It's a free download!
  4. We'll be playing Soldat in 2 hours!
  5. Here's the youtube version!
  6. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    That was great!
  7. I or someone else uses a random number generator to choose a number between a certain range, so pretty random!
  8. Thanks for that! That'd be very helpful.
  9. The next randomizer is going to be: What is Soldat?!
  10. Indeed! The playing of the Ship will commence in an hour and a half!
  11. You know, for some reason making choices and seeing what other people picked made it a lot less stressful to actually make choices. Even if I chose to not go with what the majority did. I kind of like that in the round up, they vaguely tease when the choices you made are going to be relevant. It was really nice to be back in that universe, though! I've always been a big fan of the series! They really start it The new voice actors for Zoe and Kian did a bang up job, although there were some REALLY hammy lines in there. "Shine you crazy diamond, you!" And Kian's reflections on this one candle, and a broom. I had to listen to what was said again to see if I somehow missed the joke, but the lines are played completely straight. I bet he'd kill at a Goth poetry slam competition over in Stark. I was less excited by was some of the puzzle design. Rather, I don't think it was the content of the puzzles as it was the design around it. It could be so unclear and the UI really unhelpful in figuring out what you were supposed to do. In particular a puzzle in the latter half of the game There were a couple of times where the messaging was rather unclear like that. I wish there was a button that just showed you all game relevant interaction points. They set up a lot of things in this first chapter of the game; I'm really looking forward to see where this is gonna go! Hopefully I don't have to wait too long! C'mon Zoe, you have to remember you beautiful diamond you! Oh (Dreamfall plot spoilers),
  12. Yea, to talk a bit more about the game, aside from elmuerte constantly being on the losing team, the teams felt pretty balanced, which coincidentally also made it really hard to tell as to who was actually winning. I.e. I had no idea what was going on, most of the time. When I first played this game for a bit, around the time it came out, I never realized it's structure was pretty much one of a Lords Management game. That probably was because I wasn't aware of what a Lords Management game was, as I had never played one before. I was super disappointed when I finally got to try Super Monday Night Combat, and I found out that they leaned way harder into the Lords Management aspects of the genre, since my expectation was a more refined version of the fast-paced action shooting from the first. Now that I got a refresher on MNC, I understand that direction a lot more. Looking forward to give SMNC another shot once it comes up in the Randomizer! I also couldn't help but feel like a cheap bastard every time I one-hit killed anyone with either assassin or sniper headshot. I imagine being one-hit killed over and over again can be rather rage inducing. Probably a good argument for the changes in SMNC as well.
  13. Success once again! That was fun, folks! The next Randomizer has been rolled and it's gonna be a good one, I think: The Ship!
  14. Tonight is the night! In an hour and 15 minutes, we'll be playing Monday Night Combat!
  15. The Banner Saga

    It's another kickstarter, which already succeeded in funding itself, which makes me glad because it looks pretty cool. YupzBYxsgow
  16. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    Took me about 4-5 hours and as you may have read I missed the main way to find some objects... So it's probably a bit shorter than that.
  17. The game is now OVER! We rolled a new game for the next Randomizer and it's....
  18. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    You know, there didn't appear to be any falling damage. I was honestly just testing to see if there was a collision mesh anywhere preventing from doing just that, but I guess not! Like I said, I'm not sure I was supposed to be able to do that.
  19. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    Well, I was being facetious when I referred to it as a walking simulator. I think it's an adventure game. But yea, when Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank Crank happens, if you look into the direction the item would actually be located, the words go into focus and you get a prompt for a vision of the objects surroundings.
  20. Don't forget, folks! An evening of playing Plain Sight tomorrow!
  21. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    And talking to 'blix about the game I realized I completely missed the mechanic where one can have a "vision" of where the object you're looking for is. I just walked around a bunch and found them that way...
  22. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    Yea, I finished it in one sitting. It is so beautiful to look at (I just built a new PC so I could just put everything up to 11). I felt satisfied just strolling through the world, taking in the scenery and the way the music swells up in places and sometimes falls away completely, Mmmmmm! The way this world is connected is really cool. If you see something interesting in the far away distance, you'll be able to explore it at some point. Beyond the puzzles, there's not a lot of interactivity in the world, but I'd say that each distinct area has a puzzle in it. I like that, in that when you find an object of some kind, you kind of know it's related to a puzzle. There is a lack "clutter", which feels appropriate. It feels to the point. Oh, oh, and it also has the thing, where if you pick up newspaper clippings, it's high res enough so you can read the actual article and turn it around (like in Gone Home). It's a little thing, but NHHH, I love that so much. So although they say it's open ended, in retrospect I did feel like there was defined order to the puzzles? You can leave 'em for later, sure, but in terms of how each puzzle relates to the story... So, I'm not sure, but (don't read if you haven't finished it yet) I really liked it and if you like walking simulators, you'll really like this game too!
  23. I don't know, but if you find out, let me know, because this is a continuous problem with my HOTAS setup.
  24. Oculus rift

    Well, a Dev kit is for developers to buy and develop with. This is a half a step removed from the consumer version. I reckon they won't sell this to developers. And here's a video of John Carmack talking:
  25. Oculus rift

    Adding the Rift to Unity as a target build platform is really sweet! Will solve a lot of issues, I think. With that, finally Rift support for the free version of Unity 5! Clyde, it's a prototype not a dev kit by the way.