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  1. Risen (Gothic successor)

    This game isn't done yet. The world isn't too bad looking and it has decent atmosphere and attention to detail... The actual gameplay systems are absolutely horrid; the combat in specific. I would be embarrassed to ship a game like this. I wonder what happened there... Or what keeps happening, because to my knowledge the Gothic games had a similar lack of polish. I've never actually played any of the Gothic games, so if I'm wrong, please set me straight.
  2. PS3 owners: question

    Glad it works. Your movie player/streaming device coincidentally also plays video games; you should check some out.
  3. Left 4 Thumbs

    I refer everyone to Toblix, in case you want to request a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2. For this feat of amazing social engineering, I need nothing in return. You are all welcome.
  4. Left 4 Thumbs

    You're officially on notice, you sassy sensations Robinson! I got my eye on you. I guess that if you choose the "This is a gift" option, you'd be able to gift all 4 of them. Are you that generous?
  5. Left 4 Thumbs

  6. Left 4 Thumbs

    One copy for you and 3 for friends.
  7. Street Fighter IV

    From what I remember -- Dudley isn't a charge character like Balrog is, so he should play quite differently. I think he would be a welcome addition. You know what would be nice? If they built in the option to do character rebalances via patches... Which they should have fucking done with 4, but then I guess that'd be too forward thinking and one less reason to buy Super SF4. What Ono is saying sounds good, but I'll wait and see if they deliver on their promises. Also, does anyone really care about the Street Fighter storyline?
  8. Film editing software suggestions

    I have a couple of friends in the multimedia industry and they all say Avid. They also mentioned, like Shammack, that it's quite expensive. I hope that that is in any way useful information.
  9. Funny Pictures Thread

    Hahaha, nice, I tried to make that into my avatar, but 100x100 pixels is toooo small. I guess at this point, I should link to Just for those who haven't seen it yet.
  10. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    Pretty much agree with this. Really looking forward to it as well. Non-coop multiplayer and I don't get along though. It makes it frustrating because I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong. I just find myself not succeeding a lot times. I'll just stick to singleplayer.
  11. PS3 owners: question

    TVersity is bloaty. It's what I previously used. PS3 Media Server just lets you browse to any place on your PC HDD without having to add everything manually. It's much less of a hassle, for me at least. If you haven't used PS3MS before, I really recommend that you try it out.
  12. PS3 owners: question

    Does 360 support that much more codecs then? I've never had a 360 and my google skills have failed me, as I only get 2 year old news posts.
  13. Funny Pictures Thread

    This one, because it cracks me up everytime. Yes, it's real.
  14. PS3 owners: question

    I hooked up my PS3 to my PC. I'd recommend PS3 Media Server. I used TVersity and this other thing for a while, but in comparison PS3MS is so much easier to use and so much more straightforward. Not to mention that if your PC is fast enough, it'll transcode video files to something the PS3 will understand. Here is a list of PS3 supported codecs.
  15. Brütal Legend overload...!

    He seemed slightly tense, but that's not surprising. I found it enjoyable to watch. Thanks for posting that, ThunderPeel. I pre-ordered the game yesterday! I'm looking forward to all the awesome games coming out this october/november.
  16. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I have decided to post on these forums. I do not yet know whether this was a mistake or not. I will try not to try too hard. Hi people! Edit: I noticed that my nickname is kind of long and does weird things to this board. If this is a problem, then any mod/admin can just change it to "PiratePoo" instead. Sorry in advance.