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  1. Battlethumbs: Idle Company

    Anybody still playing BC2? I'm just getting into it, but I haven't seen any of my Idle Thumbs steam friends playing it. I'm ready to squad up with you gents whenever you're up for it. Steam ID: Strangepork BC2 soldier: DrBroccoli I can't shoot too straight, but my heart's in the right place and I'll drop a med pack or two.
  2. Left 4 Thumbs

    Fuzz my friend, this attitude is why after 40 years of gainful employment you're still cleaning port-a-potties. Aim high my friend, aim high. Go listen to that "Greatest Love of All" song for inspiration and then come play L4D with us again. <3 Teh Pork.
  3. Left 4 Thumbs

    Thanks for the versus games today everyone! Fuzzy Lobster and I hope to see you guys back on L4D soon. Cheers!
  4. Original Left 4 Thumbs

    Thanks for the game, guys! Nice to meet you all. I promise to practice so that I suck a little less next time... Cheers!
  5. Original Left 4 Thumbs

    This Saturday anytime or Sunday morning (before 12:00 Pacific Time, I think that's like 20:00 GMT or so) is good for me to do some L4D. I've got skype installed but I'm not sure how to find you other thumbskateers on it. Lemme know if anybody's up for it.
  6. Original Left 4 Thumbs

    Sweet! I'm Strangepork on Steam, and I'm in the Idle Thumbs group. I'll send a friend request.
  7. Original Left 4 Thumbs

    Are you guys still playing L4D 1? The new steam update finally un-broke my copy and now I'd love to start playing. Anyone up for schooling a noob? Yes, I could buy L4D2 but I'm short on cash.
  8. Post your face!

    Here I am...
  9. Fable 3

    I pretty much fell in love with Fable 2. Never played too much of the first one so I can't comment there. Yet even so, I agree a bit that the game "could have been more". Talking to Ossk and Fuzzy the other night, one of them mentioned that it would've been nice if your evil/goodness affected the plot and also the attitudes of people in your party. Maybe a bit of a riff on Dragon Age there but it would have been cool. I really enjoyed the uber cheezy mini-games of interaction with the townspeople and their voices and comments were unbelievably great. Even so, it would have been cool to be more integrated into the goings on in the towns somehow. Sorry, don't mean to hijack the fable III thread. I think it could build a lot of cool crap on its starting point, and I hope it does. Maybe conflicting factions or kingdoms whose sides you can take would make you feel more of a participant in the world.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Yay! Happy Birthday Fuzz!!!! If I had the money I'd buy you a computer right now so I could kick your ass on multiplayer everything every day :mock: !!!! Just kidding, you would still win Civ all the time by kissing the ass of the AI leaders. Goddamnit.
  11. Watching other people play games

    Oh yeah! Now that you mention the "tons of quarters" thing, memories come rushing back of my youth as a poor, shitty-at-video-games lad where I would blow my weekly 2 bucks at the arcade in 15 minutes and then watch teenagers with their rows and rows of quarters kick ass for hours on defender, robotron, joust, etc. Why did I never make the mental connection that paper route = tons more video games? Anyhow, very true that watching can be at least as enthralling as playing. Tanks 4 da memories, nyuk nyuk...
  12. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    Fuzzy Lobster and I just started on this game. I'll leave it to Fuzzy to give the true FF fan perspective, but here's my 2 cents. Just finished the first fal'cie. 1) The hate about the linearity is overblown. It's just as linear as CoD or Uncharted. That's the kind of game it is. Perhaps later there will be a kind of free-roaming "airship" thing where the world opens up. 2) The combat to this point is a bit more difficult than in Fable II, and it's getting less button-mashy as it goes. It's fun if a bit simplistic at this point. I do wish they didn't have the incredibly effective auto-battle option. 3) You MUST read the datalogs to get the story. I think the world's pretty cool, a new take on the FF standby of natural world v Supertech. The characters are engaging, I'm starting to care about them, even the douchy/annoying ones. I already care about this game way more than I ever did about FF XII. 4) Haven't run into any "towns" at all yet, just little insta-shops. That seems less rich and more linear than previous FF games. I hope there gets to be some character customization, but I have a feeling that this might be a game where the individual characters are themselves and there's not much that changes that. Overall the game has an old school feel to it. They certainly backed off from the WoW-like experiment of FF XII.
  13. Brutal Legend PS3

    Sweet! I was just thinking of posting a similar thread. I've just started brutal legend but I'd love to join the multiplayer festivities. On PSN I'm DrStrangepork. I think my time zone is something like GMT - 8 (West coast USA). If you don't mind, Kroms, I'll friend you and drop you a line. SynthGerb feel free to write any time.
  14. goty.cx 2009?

    +1 on the still playing Fable 2 front, miffy. I've got a kick a$$ shocking mage and I'm working on an evil marksman to blow the testicles off of unlucky villagers. Gotta love logging on and getting 3 STDs in 5 minutes. Here's my vote for Demon's Souls as up there with the best of 2009. It's smooth, beautiful, addictive and unique. BTW to settle the decade thing, 2000 - 2010 is the "baker's decade".
  15. Old Games That Hold Up...Or Don't

    This isn't really a "holds up or doesn't" comment, just a small old game anecdote. I downloaded the original metal gear to the PS3 and it's a riot and very cool, but there's one point early in the game where you come across a butt-naked guy with his ass sticking in the air, and I accidentally hit the crawl button next to the guy and got a screen filled with his huge BUTT. Aaaa! Yes, it's Revolver Ocelot, Psycho-Mantis and Questionably-Posed-Ass-Guy!! Snake!! Look out! Snaaake!!!