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  1. Odd hearing a question I sent in read out - even if it wasn't really a great discussion point hehe. I think what I was getting at was I don't think I've ever really seen a game gather so much collective internet impetus before despite the fact that it is just atrocious as a game, I was wondering if it was the first real game cult classic in the vein of like They Live or Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (although, I'll admit I'm a fan of those two). I think Illbleed is a really good example, although obviously didn't have the same sort of coverage that DP has had. Thinking about it though, the internet has brought the world lolcats, rickrolling and justin beiber, so I guess you can never really underestimate its power. I followed that Swery65 dude on twitter just to see what his deal was and while he's pretty humble for the most part; judging by the sheer amount of people messaging him and his retweets of other people "praising" the game, he really just can't "get it". Or maybe I'm just being a jerk about it and should be happy that this game/meme might actually turn into a series given its apparent popularity