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  1. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Sweet, I'll probably go Firday then as it seems like that's when most of you are? I'll be coming in from Oxford. Anyone else from the area?
  2. As retarded as retarded can be Same here! You can find the Brotherman Bill one on youtube.
  3. That's why I love youtube, as you no longer have to tediously install mods/maps (c:\program files\valve\half-life\maps, create server running map) just to check em out, you can just get the gist from an online streaming internet video on the world wide web of computers.
  4. Oh you know, still stuck in a Universe far far away of horrible animatronics and awful CG. Can someone go back and get a clip from return of the Jedi and replace every shrill laugh of Salaceous Crumb with Jake's birdnoise?
  5. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Meeting other Thumbs would be pretty rad, so if we can combine this with a cheap games convention, why not?
  6. Hey there, long time listener, first time poster. Bloody love every single one of the casts guys so keep up the good work. I enjoyed this week's Scoops-gaiden and the detective interludes. I very much appreciate that you bother to put some editing into your podcast, as most people just shit out some words and call it a wrap (which is fine too, but I enjoy your shenanigans). Also, Far Cry 2.