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  1. Thanks Jake, god what an amazing combo of funny shit that looks normal at first glance. how strange that I never noticed the blog, just lurked the forums, damn after a year you'd think I'd know about that...
  2. Other podcasts

    I think Drunken Gamers is the closest to Idle Thumbs as far as being genuinely funny. They are pretty old school though, which I love, but others might not. Every March they do Shmupreciation month, again something I love about them. I can see how Thumbs listeners would be much more PC-centric, though. Giantbomb has recently been doing more PC stuff, but they're still a console podcast. So, I'm really down to DGR and Giantbomb now. I've tried some of the IGN podcasts; Gamescoop and Three Red Lights are ok, but they don't fill the void of Idle Thumbs. The Mobcast at Bitmob can be very good, but it really depends on who the guests are. When Robert Ashley was around, they were top notch. For a non-gaming cast that might interest you, I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Star Talk and has already been mentioned Atheist News.
  3. Wow, that was much sadder than I thought it would be. All the humor thrown in at the end followed by the QWOP discussion...then "that's all we have to say." Ouch. Well, at least it was softened by the ThumbScoop news. So, um, where can I get download the amazing episode art in full size? Seeing that on my ipod as I listened was a thing of beauty. Thanks for 50 episodes of awesome, and making me look like an idiot by using your memes around normal people. Best of luck, Nick. Chris and Jake, please try to make sporadic casting not too far apart, pleeeease.