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  1. The best year not only in your lives, but of all time, is whichever year this Trump thing is not a thing anymore.
  2. I keep up with over 30 podcasts, I have never heard of anyone redubbing their role to save material. Its a truly outrageous idea.
  3. Whats this "to me, to me, to me" thing about?
  4. Important If True 26: Get Hype

    I've been around the internet, and I dont recall anything about some kind of YOU BIAS
  5. To nick: Make your own pickles
  6. To Nick: You have not yet used the following intro variations (I think). This is Important if True??? This is Important IF True This is ImporTANT if True This is Important if Trueeeeeee Esto es importante si es cierto
  7. For about half an hour i thought someone was prank ringing my doorbell. Boy do i feel hoisted.
  8. Idle Thumbs 250: A Palpable Dream

    Did anyone figure out what that one x-com light game was?
  9. Episode 328: King of Dragon Pass

    Parliamentary inquiry: Does 3ma have any other vanity domain or is it just the one?
  10. Idle Thumbs 233: World of Blanks

    First you're mini-boss. Then you're final boss. Then you're Mahmoud Abbas
  11. Idle Thumbs 227: Quiet The Clown

    I dont get why a person would listen to a call but then operate a sound board for responses rather than listening to the call and then also talking themselves.
  12. Was expecting someone to make a crack about an ombudsman
  13. Idle Thumbs 205: LPBs and HPBs

    I'd like to think I'm no slouch on vocabulary, but I'm p consistently having to look up words heard in episodes or reader mail. Even if I can tell from context what it may mean, I'm not sure a lot of time. This week's word - pastiche. Bespoke.
  14. Requesting link to the icelandic Are you afraid of the dark. I couldnt find it.
  15. What was the name of that domain registrar that has previously been an idle thumbs sponsor? Is there still a valid discount code for them?
  16. Android Games

    I'm playing the heck out of Terra Battle, by Mistwalker. I never thought I'd play a F2P game, but its actually quite compelling.
  17. I bought a controller grip for 3DS that fixes the hand cramping issue. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008XHCLFO
  18. Idle Thumbs 178: CS Losers

    Which one of them really liked the Golden Child? I'm playing XCOM Enemy Unknown Iron Man (Classic) with various names and Golden Child is going to be someone's nickname.
  19. I was recently thinking that they should film while they record the podcast, for a richer experience via Jake faces or other visual humor
  20. Nintendo Network ID Exchange Thread

    Name is XiaomuWave. Add for Mario Kart
  21. Glad you're back EA Presents: The Grenades of Wrath.
  22. Demon's Souls

    Its an Atlus published game. They're lucky to sell 25-50k lifetime US. Theres no sense of being thrown under the bus here, because they knew exactly what they were getting into - Which is also why their HD console offerings at retail so far (Spectral Force 3, Operation Darkness, Zoids Assault, Demon's Souls) have been only localization/publishing rather than development, because the costs are much more reasonable. They have a small but dedicated fanbase that will purchase this game, to the extent that they have PS3s. I trust that Atlus has their math together and the game will meet their expectations.
  23. Idle Thumbs 46: First Annual Year

    Those incentives dont have to be exterior to the game though. There have always been bizarre things you can do for in game rewards. There have always been time trial enthusiasts and high score runners. They didnt have to get a suggestion/bait to play the game a certain way. Someone will discover it and write it into a faq or the published guide to the game. Of course from a sales perspective and a community perspective, a unified cross-game achievement system is genius.
  24. Idle Thumbs 46: First Annual Year

    I appreciated the achievement hate, since I'm in the same boat. It seems that its a small crowd between those that either enjoy them or don't care much either way. My concern about the achievement meta game was its potential effect on game development/design, but I'm not sure how well founded those fears are since the development process is generally opaque to the consumer. The in-game goals should be fully self contained. You should either be doing something because you are genuinely interested in the story or because its fun (or I guess an in-game unlockable that you want). The person who designs a particular mission or task can simply give you a points incentive if they want someone to do something or care about something in the game. They may not consciously be doing it necessarily, but having the option seems like a bad idea. Regarding linear progression achievements: That may actually be the best kind. Since every game is required to have them, it shows that they put no thought into them and that they did not affect the design of the game. Plus you can turn the notifications off. What do you think? Furthermore, how do some of your friends in the development community feel about achievements?
  25. Odious Tea

    Havent played it yet, but quite a few of my friends have, and I have seen to it that they are infected with not being able to unhear odious tea.