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  1. Receiver

    Tried out the game again, with its new content, after hearing Thumbs 92. The game is in concept still fascinating as ever and in execution still completely drained of fun.
  2. The Walking Dead

    Just started playing and the amount of game you have to replay if you die is infuriating, especially since the game part itself is dull as all hell to play.
  3. I wish you talked about Miasmata two weeks ago so I could have gotten it on sale.
  4. Things That Improve Your Life

    SteamCleaner is an interesting idea but at the bottom it notes that anytime you verify the cache or the game has an update Steam will just redownload all those files. So... seems pretty pointless in execution.
  5. Yager's Spec Ops: The Line

    But the story didnt want to go that direction. Sure you spotted that they could have been civilians. Maybe the game could have masked that better. But the point is that the story was not written that way. Would you have the same objection with a fiction book's narrative? Asking why they didnt have it go another direction?
  6. Yager's Spec Ops: The Line

    I have just finished this game, and have yet to read the writer interviews or other material on this game or this thread, but this is my GOTY 2012. I think this game has a truly good story, and not just a good story for a video game. While the (small) choices you get to make enable this good storytelling, the real key is the lack of judgement directly imparted by the story. You do things, and its left up to you to decide if it is good or bad. I found the ending truly surprising, and while in a way it was mostly obscured (meaning, how could you ever guess that you were insane?) there were literal hints occasionally, especially after Chapter 8, and from what a friend told me there are other moments where pictures or other things transform while playing that defy reality. More interesting to me, is that I dont necessarily think the game should have been any more explicit in showing you signs of your characters mental state, given the nature of madness. The end of Chapter 8 (with the phosphorous mortar) may make some people angry because you were unable to choose, but regardless it was extremely effective for me. The goal was make you think about what you had done, to feel. Now, I didnt start crying at my keyboard or anything like that, but for the first time ever in a video game, I wanted to stop killing people. The section immediately after where enemy reinforcements arrives was a trudge for me. Each guy I had to shoot was depressing, given what had just happened I wanted to put the gun down. Its interesting that the writer wanted people to walk away, because at that point I almost did, but I also wanted to see more of the story.
  7. This is the new (console) shit!

    What if you look out the window in the game and see whats outside of your window in your room?! Ask yourself, is life a game? What is game? -P.Molydeux.
  8. This is the new (console) shit!

    Backwards compatibility seems completely stupid to me. If you want to play old games, then hook up your old console. What are the chances that you are actually gonna go play an original Xbox game on the new 360 sequel? Less then 1% of people will use this feature but everyone will have to pay for it. I wouldnt even pay $1 more for backwards compatibility of disc based games. What I do care about is backwards compatible XBLA games, but even then if its not available I will still purchase a new system.
  9. FTL

    I picked this game up yesterday and have played for about five hours. Got to the final sector on my second run (easy mode) and lost because apparently I let the mothership get "too close". Wish the game would have told me that if the enemy gets within 3 systems of my base I lose. Or in my last run I traversed an entire sector only to find that I couldnt get to the exit that way... even though it looked VERY close. So I had to go all the way back around through the rebels to get there. The rebels are impossible and I died. And that was annoying. This game has some very nice amounts of polish, such as the way personnel combat works. But other areas really lack what seems like common sense clarity. When those errors cause me to lose an hour or more of progress, thats just not okay. I also find that game to have not very high replay-ability. The unlocks and achievements seem way too far out. I unlocked the engie ship but have no real interest in it, and im not sure where the next one comes.
  10. Steam Greenlight

    What a beautiful game! Reminds me of Switchball and Marble Blast. Just voted for your game.
  11. Far Cry 3

    I have to disagree here. Even with a lot of health the other animals, like the Tiger, are still quite strong and can mess you up. The Shark just isnt scary at all. The first time the crocodile got me I was surprised Even the first time a leopard got me I was taken aback. The shark was boring. But, about the crocodile... The crocodile always hides in the swampy areas where there is heavy foliage covering the water. If you find one of those areas and then jump in the water a few feet away you can watch the crocodile and all they do is just sit there and wont even move unless you are right in their trigger volume. They are quite boring once you see behind the curtain (or behind the lilypad if you will)
  12. Far Cry 3

    So I find sharks in video games terrifying. They are usually faster then you, they are strong, and you cant fight back in the water (Videooo Gaaammmess). The ENTIRE time I was playing Far Cry 3 I avoided being attacked by the sharks because I figured it would be some horrible insta-death feeding frenzy situation .... similar to Crysis. So after I beat the game I decided to see what would actually happen. I jumped in the ocean and waited. I saw a shark getting closer and spot me, I cringe as it launches itself at me preparing for my own gruesome death... ...The shark is literally the least scary predator in the whole game. All he does is nibble you and swim by, taking like 4-5 passes to kill you. Its like sticking your finger into a goldfish bowl. Even the stupid aggressive ostrich looking birds kill you faster. My conflict with the shark embodies this games problems perfectly. Your expectations will undoubtedly be let down so fucking badly at some point by this game, like mine were with the shark. Maybe its when every time you try to plan a sneaky base attack a tiger randomly spoils your plans. Or maybe it will happen when you can only carry a handful of extra ammo because while you are a masterful tiger hunter, you still havent crafted the goat-leather ammo pouch. Or maybe it will happen when you arbitrarily fail a mission for leaving an area. Whatever it is, it will happen.
  13. Idle Thumbs 88: Lacks Restraint

    Its funny, Far Cry 3 has almost as many emergent moments as Far Cry 2, but not the good kind. While I have never had anything as ridiculous as this guy in the video I do have tons of experiences where the game just didnt work with itself at all. Guys walking off cliffs, animals appearing out of nowhere, weird shit like this.
  14. Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?

    I have 67,839 now. On the first day I think i got up to around 119,000 but then my stats got wiped. My roommate is sitting on a highscore of over 500,000.
  15. Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?

    This is actually I really good point. I just looked at the contest rules in the app and it doesn't mention any requirements such as country of residence, age, etc. Im thinking that this "life changing" thing is something fucking stupid, because it dosent seem like it could be money, a job, a car, or anything like that without a lot more legal-ese.