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  1. Diablo III BattleTags

    Laotzu#1806 Let's click this!
  2. Far Cry 3

    Justin McElroy is killing it with his Stranded Teaser mashups It's a Wonderful Life 1gbUqEzAvTQ The Princess Bride HBKY3oV_NA8 Jerry Maguire Mhu-Gy68HhU
  3. DeathSpank

  4. DeathSpank

    Yay! Comes out this week! Shame not releasing now on PC but gonna play this bastard regardless.
  5. Dragon Age

    Awakenings is fun, although lacking the charm of the real game. So much easier though now that I am death incarnate. I stopped playing when I realised I was getting close to the final act because I didn't want my Dragon Age to be over. Going to try Leiliana's new DLC tonight. Did anyone try the darkspawn chronicles?
  6. Dragon Age II

    Have no problem with a Shepard in my Dragon Age. I didn't like that my guy was mute at all. Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption showed me this year I can have a named character and still feel like its me playing. Already have a problem with some dude saying conversations will happen like in Awakenings from now on only, I liked campfire chats. I hope and pray they keep the PC gaming RPG in it and not Mass Effect 2 it. I LOVE ME2 but my hope was that Dragon Age 2 would keep rocking DAO's play style. We will see.
  7. Recently completed video games

    Finished Red Dead Redemption on Saturday, my favorite game in a long time. In the main missions I liked the dialogue very much actually. Its a simple tale and I guess a lot of the charm is seeing tropes from a real variety of westerns, even dipping into the supernatural tones of High Plains Drifter. All of that had me continually kiddy. Everything about the last couple of hours of the game I thought was excellent. Afterwards, switched over to play Lost and Damned but winced at the first mention of Hells Angels running a train on a prostitute and turned it off. Maybe another time. Had got a little used to having a character I sympathised with. Then turned back to Uncharted 2. Finished it but found it exhausting. I couln't care less about the story or characters, there was a bit when Drake was going to quit because he didn't really give a shit anymore and I was agreeing. Seriously man, just go home. Huge crashy bangy bits were fun but I'd already been harassed by a more annoying helicopter in Half Life 2! The gameplay mechanics of combat were kind of fun but the third person just made me feel detached, where I hadnt been in Red Dead. I even preferred the combat in Gears of War 2, which this game to me felt very much like. It kind of played itself. Then switched back to Assassin's Creed 2 for a couple of hours. Entertaining enough but I don't think its going to get finished (about 12 hours in.) Its hard finishing a game you loved playing and want to continue that sweet video game playing feeling.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    Finished on Saturday, what an amazing game. A little lull in Mexico story wise for a while but I got to wear a poncho the whole time I was there so still awesome.
  9. Puffins: Let's Roll

    Is anyone going to get this? Goes in sale in the DSi store at 9pm PST. Could be the killer app the DSi store has been waiting for maybe. It isn't about Puffins trying to stop an airborne terrorist attack in progress unfortunately.
  10. The Best of PC Gaming

    Little Big Planet is definitely high in the list of "The Best of PC Gaming" (did you mean little big adventure synthetic gerbil because you wrote Little Big Planet if I were you I would stealth edit that super quick to preserve your internet cred?) EDIT: syntheticgerbil is a stealth editing bastard
  11. of 2010 perhaps?

    No mention of Dead or Alive Paradise on the PSP?
  12. No More Manuals: Desperate Struggle

    Another evil conspiracy of big corporations out to get syntheticgerbil.
  13. That made me cry. Imagine if you went to Thailand and it was your dream vacation, you were going to paradise. Then first day of your vacation you walk onto the beach and see the fucking bigdog. IN THE WATER. You apparently can't escape it by going in water. If it persued you, crossing a river would not help. Personally I'd be broken.
  14. Anyone Remember?

    Wasn't it Chris's old PC? Remember when Nick played FarCry2?
  15. The Best of PC Gaming

    That's really helpful, sorry to hijack! Now lets find Groucho a cheapie laptop to play Video Games on.