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  1. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    So, when is Brad Shoemaker coming over for a episode?
  2. Issues downloading old thumbs on iTunes

    Has the entire feed been restored?
  3. Issues downloading old thumbs on iTunes

    I was able to download the following from the RSS using the GUID value (36 files). Would this help? idleconf_090325.mp3 idleconf_090327.mp3 idleconf_090330.mp3 idleconf_090401.mp3 idlenews_090205.mp3 idlenews_090226.mp3 idlenews_090309.mp3 idlenews_090327.mp3 idlethumbs_081007.mp3 idlethumbs_081015.mp3 idlethumbs_081028.mp3 idlethumbs_081106.mp3 idlethumbs_081112.mp3 idlethumbs_081117.mp3 idlethumbs_081204.mp3 idlethumbs_081210.mp3 idlethumbs_081217.mp3 idlethumbs_081223.mp3 idlethumbs_081230.mp3 idlethumbs_090107.mp3 idlethumbs_090114.mp3 idlethumbs_090121.mp3 idlethumbs_090128.mp3 idlethumbs_090204.mp3 idlethumbs_090212.mp3 idlethumbs_090218.mp3 idlethumbs_090225.mp3 idlethumbs_090304.mp3 idlethumbs_090319.mp3 idlethumbs_090408.mp3 idlethumbs_090415.mp3 idlethumbs_090429.mp3 idlethumbs_090506.mp3 idlethumbs_090513.mp3 idlethumbs_090520.mp3 idlethumbs_090527.mp3
  4. Issues downloading old thumbs on iTunes

    So if I provided some of the files with original file names that would help? Because the <guid> tag in the RSS feed actually provides a working link to some of the podcasts and you have the filename there. I could get the mp3:s that have working guid URLs with their file names intact to you. I think it's about 29 so it's far from all of them.
  5. Jake works at Telltale, not looking glass.
  6. Idle Thumbs 48: In Space

    I don't think you guys understand how funny and good your podcast is, it's really sad to see you disappear when you really found your groove. Even though I'm still in denial I would like to thank you for all the hours of great entertainment you've given me. I'm already planning to listen to all the episodes from start to finish after 50 is released.
  7. Far Cry 2

    http://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6047&page=3 To clarify...
  8. Far Cry 2

    I just ordered this game and I did it because of Idle thumbs. I've gone back and listened to old episodes and re-listened to some and I feel like I have to experience this game. My gut feeling says I won't like it but at least I can go into some crazy Far Cry 2 OOOOOOOOOOOH (ala idle thumbs 39) moments with my friends.