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  1. Any (traditional) parades in games

    Pretty sure there is a parade at the beginning of Final Fantasy 12
  2. congratulation Chris, best of luck on your new job, the east coast really isn't that bad.as an east coaster myself,once you can say where you are going i can point you towards some cool stuff in your area. i think we should start some kind of pool to guess where Chris is going, i will toss in my guess and say Firaxis. "In 2012 the world will not end, it will begin with Sid Meir's, Chris Remo's Alpha Centauri II featuring sweet space ramps"
  3. this was a great episode, so many things made me have to hold in laughter at work so people wouldn't think i was crazy with my headphones on. I really think Sean is hitting a stride the more he appears on the podcat and i would actually like him to be a full time addition. It's amazing how the Idle Thumbs podcast is simultaneously the most intelligent and the most ridiculous video games podcast of all time, please dont ever stop making them.
  4. i really enjoyed famous being on the cast this week, he really adds a different dimension and plays off chris and jake really well. the chemistry seems really strong when he is on the cast. hope he makes more future appearances
  5. by the way, if you needed another reason why Jeff Gone Game Gold Gate Fold Gold Game Jeff Jeff is the man, he is dating 21 year old Tania Raymonde, who plays Alex Rousseau (Ben's daughter) on Lost. nUFQhqfNWD8
  6. as usual another great episode, thanks for the cast guys sometimes during the work day, i find that my mind wanders on to something particularly amusing from an episode of thumbs and i will start laughing, today was one of those days. two words, "battle pope"
  7. Idle Thumbs is advanced video game podcasting
  8. @chris and Jake i could listen to 90 minutes of you guys doing nothing but jeff gone gold game names, the in jokes never get old keep up the great work and the only thing that was missing from the episode was your impressions of jack aka subject zero aka the bad ass biotic after playing the game vs your initial reactions cheers! ron
  9. So, how is everyone?

    two things, first, Jake and Chris do a cast SOON, with or without steve or anyone else, or just have a speakerphone on the table for Nick and he can pretend he's Charlie from Charlies Angels for the recording session second, if anyone has a serious interest in doing a skype cast, ive hosted 2 shows, have a site, have a feedburner account and pod server already set up and ready to go, i would jump back on the horse(bag) again if the situation was right. cheers! and by the way, Nick breaking up the podcast and moving to MD, is the reason weve had such a shitty winter here on the east coast, thanks Nick
  10. clearly the penny arcade guys are thumbs fans
  11. ok here is some bizarre shit, for the past week i have been suffering from the flu, i havent slept much at all until last night when i had the most bizarre idle thumbs dream i dreamt that the guys all lived in the apartment above me, and they were recording the final thumbs, i could hear them laughing and then at some point water started dripping through my living room ceiling. i knocked on the door and chris sent jake down to poke a hole in my ceiling to drain what he called "valve" juice. there was never any explenation on what it was but they said to come up and hang out while they finished the cast. chris, jake and nick were sitting around a table while a very buxom brunette (who was british) was pleasuring and being pleasured by an equally attractive blonde (not british). the 2 ladies kept saying wizarrrrddddd etc... and when the cast was over nick gave me a hdtv because a) he didnt want to move it and for ruining my ceiling with valve juice so i woke up at 8 am after this monstrosity of a dream to find the final thumbcast was out, i sat at my desk sipping tea and laughing so hard my side hurt at the crazy jeff goldblum ending. oh yeah and they read my email loved all your shows, looking forward to any special episodes you do with scoops, Nick best of luck at Bethesda, your gonna enjoy east coast living..you will be a day trip away from alot of cool places to visit
  12. Torchlight?

    this game does look really interesting, just received the press build so ill be playing it this weekend, should have some thoughts on the final game in a few days
  13. Idle Thumbs 44: Salacious Thumb

    the last 10 minutes or so of the cast had me in tears, i think the laughing during the fresh prince part of the cast was infectious. i really like when the show gets bizzare and esoteric, keep up the good work.