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  1. Any (traditional) parades in games

    I want to say there is a parade in XIII (that Ubisoft FPS from ten years ago) where you had to assassinate a target during a major parade, but I could be misremembering. I blocked most of that game out of my memory besides the bad parts.
  2. So I was the butthead who asked that Far Cry 2 question at the panel. While I absolutely loved the story that spawned from it, I still feel bad for putting you guys "on the spot" about it. At least I came to a revelation about FC2 while playing Saints Row 2 recently, so I'm not as harsh about it as I was last year. At least we got a story about a grenade rolling down a hill, so I don't think it was a complete bust.
  3. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    As I saw the pictures on the main Idle Thumbs site, all I could think was "And there I am, in the plaid red shirt, staring off into the distance, looking like a putz." I had fun, surely, but I didn't stay the whole time as there was gonna be a panel happening around 7, so I left early. I walked away with "Time Gentlemen, Please," which I will have to download and see what it's all about.