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  1. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    I got a bit nostalgic for the old days of Grand Thumb Auto and decided to check if something similar was being done for GTA online. But lo and behold you guys are still doing GTA4 on pc. I think I'll try and join you guys and see if I can run it without my PC exploding. What time do you guys go? er, next monday, woops sorry about the cat stuff.
  2. Idle Thumbs 73: Pegasus Launch

    Spy Party was rad and I will definitely be signing up for the beta. I felt supremely smug by winning both rounds of my game and I am eager to see how many people will crush my ego.
  3. Idle Thumbs 73: Pegasus Launch

    I was the wizard. Icebox is dead, long live Icebox.
  4. Grand Thumb Auto: Shakespeare's Revenge?

    Let it be known that on this day a muscle car was flipped by a scooter
  5. I finally got my Xbox fixed and I see it's been quite some time since a good ol' GThA session... Think anyone can make it?
  6. GTA 63: It's been a while.

    that was certainly a video game
  7. GTA 61: Get to zee Choppar!

    Choppars were definitely gotten to...
  8. GTA 60 Take 2 They own the licence.

    Another man saved from putting oranges in his eyes, well done thumbs.
  9. GTA 60 Take 2 They own the licence.

    I, unfortunately, cannot make it this time. Hope you can have fun without my UNIQUE AND ENDEARING PERSONALITY.
  10. NO THREAD WILL COME EARLIER Tuesday 2100 BST or whatever.
  11. GTA 58 This one doesn't have a subtitle.

    GTA 58-2: GTA 59: The Day Patters Forgot How Numbers Work
  12. Grand Thumbs Auto 57: EXTREEEEEMMMMEEEEEE

    B-but we never actually had a 56...
  13. Grand Thumb Auto LVI: Cousin Roman Numerals

    Consider yourself redeemed, Nevsky...FOR NOW!
  14. Grand Thumb Auto LVI: Cousin Roman Numerals

    I'm disappointed in all of you, ESPECIALLY Nevsky...