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  1. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    I have a Humble Bundle #3 Steam code going spare if anyone wants it? I also discovered a few physical cd copies of games like Rex Nebular, Discworld Noir, & Half Life (inc Blue Shift & Opposing Force) if anyone's interested in them? I'll have a gander when I get home as I've been meaning to have a physical clearout for a while.
  2. Psychonauts on Steam

    Just refreshed and it's hit $404,048 already. If you use Amazon to shop at all then it just ties in the payment info you use for that as you login with your Amazon account.
  3. Psychonauts on Steam

    JESUS CHRIST MONKEY BALLS My $15 is in, I checked about 2 hours ago and it was at $224,000 ish and now it has jumped to $388,802, I'd say this project will be funded by the end of the day let alone the month, they'll probably be able to finance a sequel too.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Weirdly enough I caught the odd episode on Sky and didn't enjoy it however they recently put the first series on Virgin on Demand and was hooked right from the pilot. I've finally finished Friday Night Lights and there's now a football shaped hole in my life Time to finish the League and move on... Given the introduction of Netflix to the Uk, I can seriously see myself cancelling both Lovefilm and Virgin TV soon.
  5. V The Elder Scrolls

    I admit I am yet to buy it but to be honest I fear for the life of our television. I recently bought the Fallout 3 GOTY edition for my wife which as it turns out was the biggest mistake of my life. I've barely been allowed near the TV outside of her leaving the house and she immediately bought New Vegas as soon as she finished it. Her dad has also been playing through Skyrim so I fear he may have already told her about it signalling the end of me ever playing a console again. Back to pc gaming it is!
  6. Recently completed video games

    I got my Cthulthu disc back from my brother at the weekend so I intend on finishing it this time. Scared the crap out of me last time I played it, I seem to vividly remember a scene with a mother & father arguing and a door flying open with a heinous creature running past? Also doesn't help that I have a rather large phobia of fish. I had an evening to myself (for the first time in ages) a couple of weeks ago so I managed to finish Singularity in one sitting. Most fun I've had in yonks. I too finished the 2nd one late last year and really enjoyed it (other than the unnecessary 'sexual' elements, totally unneeded), my wife got me Brotherhood for Christmas but again I don't think I can quite face another trip to the Animus again quite so soon. I also beat Metroid Fusion yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed it (made the perfect lunch time game) but I was disappointed by the lack of urgency by the SA X, I was expecting to encounter it much more often.
  7. Portal 2

    Now that would be a beast. I'm hoping for an lp at the very least.
  8. Portal 2

    Not sure if anyone is bothered but it looks like the Portal Soundtrack might get an official release on physical media soon. I got a press release regarding Ipecac records and it mentions "Portal Soundtrack" under April's release schedule. Given that Mike Patton had a minor part in Portal 2, I wouldn't put it past him to release it.
  9. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    I'll steer clear then being a fellow PAL'er, cheers ears. Good job I still have my trusty 9800GT then!
  10. ********* Smash Crew

    Amazing, I clicked that steam link expecting a rather offensive swear.... and got exactly that.
  11. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    I picked up the Oddboxx in the summer sale but I believe the update for the pc version isn't due to roll out for another few months.
  12. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

    Might have to pick this up now that the PS3's up and running again, I had the original Xbox version back in the day but I don't think I had the patience for it. It's under a tenner I think isn't it?
  13. Ghost Trick DS

    Yep, it's been localised. I finished the DS version a few months ago and fell in love with it, I enjoyed it far more than any of the Phoenix Wright games (it barely has any resemblance to the ones I've played though) due to it's heavy adventure game feel. Damn funny too.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm not sure if it's still running but there's 2-3 series on Netflix.
  15. Recently completed video games

    I picked up both fairly cheap a while back, I'm yet to properly play the darkness but I have been enjoying Riddick (although I am finding it very repetitive and frustrating in places!).
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wish I'd been able to go seen Jurassic Park at the cinema back in the day. I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs as a child/teen but I had to make do with the book (which looking back is a good thing!). In fact I had to buy the books of every film I wanted to see as my parents wouldn't take me to the cinema, I remember getting the 'novelization' of Home Alone 2 for my birthday rather than cinema tickets! I've gone a bit mad on TV series since using the Netflix DNS trick. Me and the wife have become engrossed in Friday Night Lights despite having no interest in American Football (it's even making me feel like picking up a Madden game), along with Louie (I love Louis C K) and The League (Watched it purely for Paul Scheer and it turns out it;s actually great!).
  17. Recently completed video games

    Yep! Finished all those buggers! I have particularly fond memories of belting through the latter two on our old P133 machine! (not so fond memories of having to create the boot disks though!) I keep meaning to pick up the condemned games, I played through a fair chunk of the first on my house mates old xbox but I moved out before finishing it. I'm a fairly large fan of Monolith's games, I think it was Shogo (I must try and get that working again) that got me started. My brother recently finished this (has very similar tastes to me) and has said pretty much the same things as yourself so I might pick this up (I've seen it for £2-3 used recently). I think I let critics get in the way of Wolfenstein, it got panned didn't it? I've learnt over the last few years though that I seem to have opposite taste to most critics so I'll give that a shot too! I simply adored Metro 2033, again it was the atmosphere that did it for me, guess it can't hurt to play through that again! I picked up Stalker (Shadow of Chernobyl & Call of Pripyat) off of Steam a couple of years back but have unfortunately neglected them as I've spent very little time at my pc recently, I need to rectify this and dig in as I hear they'd be perfectly suited to me. I couldn't agree more, you can rest easy knowing I'm going to give Timeshift & Wolfenstein a stab!
  18. Nintendo 3DS

    I'd rather have some form of 3D classics version of Link to the Past (namely because I've lost my GBA copy along with my GBA SP), I far prefer 2D Zelda in general.
  19. Recently completed video games

    Yep! Finished all 3 Fear games too! I finished Max Payne back in the day but I never finished the second one, might have to pick it up as an xbox original or from Steam.
  20. Recently completed video games

    It sounds like really lame reasoning but I think it's EVERYTHING I enjoy about the Half Life games. I guess the main thing that gets me is the atmosphere it creates, that and it's narrative without the need for cutscenes. Oh and the puzzles. Good call on Alan Wake, I managed to finish it last year (although I'm thinking of picking it up again seeing as you can get it for £5 now, plus I'd like to play through the DLC) and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  21. Gunstringer

    I need to sit down (or stand!) and give this game some attention then! I only got it as it was free with the Kinect and had a code for Fruit Ninja included with it. I've enjoyed all other Twisted Pixel games so I'll give it a go.
  22. Recently completed video games

    Blew the dust off of the PS3 and played through Resistance 3 over the last couple of weeks. Favourite game of 2011? I think so! There's something about it that just screams Half Life to me and given that the Half Life series is one of my favourite series of all time, it felt right at home to me. Any other recommendations for recent games similar to Half Life? I heard Singularity was pretty nifty so I picked that up cheap.
  23. Nintendo 3DS

    I finally took the plunge and bought a 3DS at Christmas. Picked up Ocarina of Time & Pilot Wings with the device and have since picked up Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force & Links' Awakening from the eshop. I initially enjoyed Mighty Switch Force until I realised it was created with speed runs solely in mind. It also reminded me that I don't find Ocarina of Time as boring as I thought I did, however I did forget what a pair of bastards those 2 skeletons are in the forest temple, I've had to take a break otherwise I'll go completely bald. 2012 is going to be a cracking year for the device, just wished I could get those ambassador games somehow, I'd kill for a copy of Minish Cap and Metroid.
  24. Resident Evil 5

    Good god, I wish it was possible to unsee this. I guess it's a good job I have no inclination to watch the damn thing! Oh and as for the Revelations demo, I really enjoyed it despite a spot of minor RSI trying to use the shoulder buttons at the same time as supporting the weight of the 3DS.
  25. Nottingham Game City

    I actually made it to the Saturday part! I was kind of hoping that they'd literally turned the Market Place into Hyrule as opposed to it being a tent with a load of screens displaying old zelda games on, but it was still interesting to see! For some unknown reason, most of the day was spent queuing for the Battlefield 3 event thing, despite the fact that I'm not a fan of the series. At least I got to have a pint in a pub built into the side of a cave/castle though!