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  1. Note 48.19 to 49.01 where Sean admits he used to hunt humans as a kid.
  2. Idle Thumbs 137: Data Complete

    Disturbing episode. From 54.18 to 54.28, while Chris and Sean are talking, in the background you can hear Jake's robot double shoot him dead, before dragging away his body. The fact that the guys just keep talking must mean they've already been replaced.
  3. Idle Thumbs 135: That's My Goof

    That guy's demeanour. What would that guy respect, on a head?
  4. Anyone listen to the @1up podcast? Alan Johnson's been awesome on it, and it's a shame that he's gone now. But since he's moved on to Telltale I'm praying for a Jake/Sean/Alan Telltale tell-all tall tales podcast. Not sure if it would actually work (Hawkman vs Wizard?) but could be amazing.
  5. As soon as we find out where Chris is going we need to petition them to also hire Jake, Nick, Sean and Scoops. I don't see any flaws in this plan.
  6. That might be the best episode yet! It's ridiculous how good this podcast is. It truly is the Citizen Kane of video games podcasts. And at least the Jurassic Park of podcasts in general.
  7. Idle Thumbs 45: Episode Forty-Five

    So did we ever find out what game Nick played? Or was it just a magazine?