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  1. Who do you write like

    Fiction: James Joyce Blog post: Stephen King (Uhh, it was about birthday presents, I also used the word 'Weeew!'...) Thumb post: Cory Doctorow, who I have never heard of until now.
  2. AAaaaah! Ahh. I thought it was a joke at Nick's expense... but I guess not. Congrats Chris, the East welcomes you as well. If Chris' new job is at Harmonix, that's really close to the apartment I lived in when I was still in Boston. It's smack in the middle of Central, lots of places to eat and stuff. Basically on top of the T station.. Also, even if it's not to cast, you guys should consider using Vent (or Skype I guess, I've had bad luck with it though) just to keep in touch. Once you get used to basically being on a phone call with 3-10 people it makes for a nice way of chatting to long distance friends.
  3. Wizaaaaaards!!

    That is one adorable Wizard. What kind of candy is inside?
  4. Anyone Remember?

    Total Cold War Total War, how could I forget. Thompson wins. I'm relistening to the handful and at least one of the moments I was thinking of is in episode 21. Though I think I might have confused the conversation from this episode with a later one. My memory apparently acts really strangely. Also related to episode 21: I've said DotA 'Doh Tah' for as long as I can remember, it didnt occur to me people wouldnt say it any other way. I guess I blame .
  5. Anyone Remember?

    I like this thread, because I also have a question. You guys happen to know which of the episodes they had talked about how neat it would be to have a diplomatic game set in the Cold War? Or if that episode even exists... I'm pretty sure it was Thumbs, but I've been known to make stuff up..
  6. Life

    And now you know what you must do. It was a sign.
  7. Post your face!

    THIS. A lot. But blonder. Evidence: http://jamesmcavoy.fansiter.com/pictures/colour-closeup-of-james-mcavoy.jpg
  8. Every time I try to whistle the Deadly Premonition whistle it starts to blend into this or .I'm pretty terrible at whistling though.. Also, I hope Samuel L. Jackson is actually the owner of his own replica hand, with everything else you said still being true.
  9. Floppy-tastic.

    !!! I want one. I'd almost prefer it to have a sharper edge... but oh man. I love home decorating crap like this. This is now on my ever-growing list of DIY's... Edit: I also really really like all the people who use them for decoration/art and still have files in them... There's something kind of cool about having something contained in them but used in a construction of something... If that makes sense (I'm not articulate, at all, argh).
  10. What's your favorite cold cut.

    Fellow Boar's Head brand loyalist here. If I could figure out an easy way to smush turkey into the smooth essence of deli meat on my own (and without buying a grinder), I totally would. It's goodstuff. Also, I'm pretty sure you can get smushed-deli-style meat thats all 'cruelty-free' and such at this point. (Also, lets not start that argument.. )
  11. Floppy-tastic.

    Somewhere in my closet is a box with about 12-16 of them with The Sims 1 Furniture on it... Yeah. And a couple more with 7th grade AIM conversations.
  12. Deadly Premonition

    Was indeed 20$ at local Gamestop, wasn't sure at the time if I could find it used anywhere cheaper (I'm -that- broke/cheap), so didn't pick it up. Haven't found it cheaper though, so next time... next time..
  13. Wii Fit turns on Amanda Flowers permanently

    Every time I see this article pop up I think of Zoe Flowers... that lady who used to do a section in the Playstation Magazine (I know she does other things now, but thats the first place I think of). Also, that would be so horribly awful to have. If you've ever been held down as a kid and tickled far beyond asking someone to stop... I imagine it's similar to that, but every day forever. :\
  14. The threat of Big Dog

    My uncle used to wear those Big Dog shirts, ugh. Does that company or it's stores still exist? It's really BigDog's pants/legwarmers that make it freaky to me, if it just had exposed joints it would be less wiggly and organically creepy to me.
  15. Deadly Premonition

    Thread revival (in the form of a Thumbs excerpt): 4-20-10 @IdleThumbs: Technical difficulties rendered this week's Idle Thumbs unreleasable, but enjoy this salvaged Deadly Premonition jam: http://j.mp/cux3Nc Also, I never really looked into what this was until now, I'm kind of intrigued.