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  1. For quick reference, the Telltale vs Netdevil (Lego) TF2 Match Round 1: Round 2: Round 2 is the quick win round
  2. what a magical episode! haven't laughed my ass off like this for a while lol. put more famous in!
  3. great podcast, i lol'd hard @ the tangent with nicholas cage/bruckheimer douche story & THATS THE SAME GUY!
  4. great podcast as always, i laughed especially hard about the shitty wizard & the dragon age english accents. thanks for all the laughs! ill be looking forward to the semi-updated future ones. good luck to nick & yes his gamer card should be revoked for failing on DA:O ez mode ** holy crap QWOP is hard.
  5. by the way saw this on shacknews chatty, Borderlands fanboy reactions hating on our favorite thumbs!!
  6. lol @ "DEMON SOULS" in the background & its popularity exploding over the internets, so true! & i also frigging hate gamestop and their lack of care for stocking PC games, if they weren't everywhere..
  7. Demon's Souls

    this games heavily talked about on shacknews chatty, if i had a ps3 id try it, heard its throwback to the 'hard games club'
  8. that bit on RedFaction/Space Asshole had me cracking up so hard, guess I'll really have to try it, the first few Red Faction games were pretty underwhelming even with the 'innovative' terrain/building deformation. Never really thought too much about the "if you don't partake in a certain gaming experience or played through a game" your background with another gamer may become drastically different, which is very true. I myself haven't ever touched Ultima either or the Metal Gear series, too busy playing Tribes instead if I remember right.. It's just too hard to keep up with games if you don't consistently play them. Shame on those who didn't play through all of Deus Ex or Thief! Looking Glass Studios is sorely missed, I do recall in ElderScrolls-Oblivion the main guy behind the best storyline in game, the Dark brotherhood, was from Looking glass. By the way, 'how far back is retro?' good question. You guys should do a poll on the front page to see how old/years of gaming your general audience is?
  9. Other podcasts

    A Life Well Wasted - Has there only been 4 episodes so far? I'm looking at the site and only see 4 episodes. Also took up Chris' suggestion to listen to Hardcore History, awesome.
  10. How has Idle Thumbs affected your life?

    i think i smile a lot more on days im listening to the podcast, it makes walking in dreary, cold upstate NY btwn classes much more enjoyable. plus im without my gaming comp up here so its been a way to sadly live out my gaming urges vicariously thru the podcast lol thanks! laughing or grinning widely while on the bus w/ strangers is also pretty amusing
  11. totally agree w/ the craptastic direction Bioware has been in marketing their games... but I'd still play/buy ME2 :X since the mailbag is heavily screened, what's the chances of actually getting an email through?
  12. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    wish I was there, the writeup made it sound like a blast