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  1. I think you just got caught up in thinking they were describing a gambler's fallacy. I believe the main point (as Chris mentioned) was about winning a number of games in a row and then being nervous for the next match such that your mental and physical state is more agitated, making you a worse player and therefore more likely to lose. In one of your earlier posts (the first, I believe) you were using the inverse of that scenario as an example: that losing a bunch of games will mean you're more likely to win the next. That is a gambler's fallacy.
  2. Other podcasts

    I too enjoy Gamers With Jobs along with (of course) A Life Well Wasted. I use to listen to the 1up crew and gave RebelFM a fair shake, but RebelFM is exactly what I don't want in a podcast. Anyway, for those who like This American Life I highly recommend checking out the Moth. It's kind of like TAL, but it's only 15 minutes long and I tend to think the stories told are better than those found on TAL, which surprised me.
  3. Idle Thumbs 48: In Space

    So, I picked up Red Faction Guerrilla on Friday (for $16 no less) and Space Asshole keeps rattling through my brain while playing. Constantly. You definitely wrote a winner there, Chris. Either that or you said "space asshole" so many times you broke my brain. In other news, holy shit that game is fun.
  4. Idle Thumbs 48: In Space

    Which one is Nick again? I kid, I kid. Congrats.
  5. Great episode and totally didn't feel overblown with having (effectively) four shows this week. The others were bite size. Anyway, I loved the discussion about the Beatles and thought I'd just throw my two cents in there about the mono vs. stereo aspect of the Beatles catalog. Chris mentioned how Sgt. Pepper's was a simple stereo mix (vocals on right, guitar on left, etc.), but the Beatles themselves had nothing to do with the stereo mixing, only the mono mixing. Many fans will argue that the true mixes are the mono mixes, which is a big reason the recently released box set in mono costs more than the stereo box set . . . it's more for collectors and they'll pay whatever Apple asks of them. Moving on.