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  1. Posting to say I missed you guys, it had been too long since I've heard you three nerd out over video games.
  2. I played this at PAX and had fun with it, it wasn't that bad and I was actually kind of looking forward to it.
  3. Honestly though, while I've always bought and will continue to support game companies it isn't hard to see just why people do the shit they do. Up here in Canada, after taxes a game runs just shy of 80 bucks. $80 for a game, seriously? Then we have MS with their "special MS endorsed accessories," when major nelson announced that MS was releasing an xbox update that would pretty much kill any non MS made hard drives more than half of those people were pointlessly dick sucking while totally ignoring the scummy as fuck pricing practices followed by MS. Paying 160 bucks for a 2.5" sata drive in a special packaging, 140 bucks when it came out for a wireless adapter, 65 bucks for a bluetooth headset? What the hell people? I've considered modding my 360 many times, but I won't do it just out of being stubborn about ethics. Even though I'm on xbox #9 in about 4 years, obviously an impeccable product worth the price tag. Some people can't afford gaming given the current price tags, and I'm way past caring who pirates and who doesn't at this point given just how long it's been happening. And at the end, the "heh. console gamers." argument has been done to death. I play on the 360 simply because most of my friends use it.
  4. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    (also I was kidding about smirnoff ice, I don't think I've ever drank it in my life but it's been described to me as a shitty tasting cooler)
  5. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    Haha, I drank way too much tequilla. Also my friend tried to keep up with me, and ended up throwing up 4 times over the course of the night. We somehow managed to lose my gps inside my car, which is an accord, so something like a 4x4 compartment so while being ridiculously hammered we fell asleep in my car under the viaduct overpass with drug dealers and crazy hobos around us. During the night I had 3 separate occassions where while being drunk as hell I woke my buddy up with a "dude we have to leave, there's crazy people here" and asked him to find the gps because american highways are goddamn confusing. Anyway, the poor guy just kind of shuffled around and fell asleep everytime. Then finally at 6 am this hobo was sitting on his bicycle quite literally 6 feet in front of my car and kept staring at my face. This freaked my drunk self the fuck out and I drove out of there and magically ended up at my cousin's apartment. The best part, I fell asleep in my boxers at the apartment and ended up with a horrible headache from being sick but no hangover. I don't think it's possible for me to be hungover anymore after the crown royale fiasco from 2 years ago. My poor buddy however, I made that guy chase double shots of tequilla with me with coronas and he was pretty much done.
  6. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    I went to the fox grill at about 6 and didn't see anyone there and was quite sad, I found out later from another dude that you guys moved locations. In other news I went to CCP's party and got ridiculously trashed at the open bar. It was at the point where the bartender recognized me because I was getting drinks way too often and knew what I wanted, smirnoff ice obv gotta rep tha geek pride.
  7. Idle Thumbs PAX Meetup: Saturday at 5:15PM

    I'll try to make it to this if I'm not too busy getting shithoused with someone else. You'll know me because I'll be one of the few people with deodorant on. Also, I'm east indian and in a hall full of white dudes I stand out.
  8. PAX '09

    I'll be sure to awkwardly walk by the telltales game booth and yell out "video games" really loudly. I don't think saying hi to internet strangers can ever be smooth and not awkward. I remember at some party people were showing youtube videos on this big screen the host had setup and I was playing the one with the insane preacher that swore a lot. This random dude came up to me and asked me if I had stairs in my house, which is supposed to be the goon intro to another goon but I didn't think anyone would every ask me that irl. I wanted to punch him in his face, I hope you won't punch me though.
  9. Shadow Complex

  10. Shadow Complex

    The best part about this whole episode is the people not buying the game, but using that glitch to still play it to it's fullest. God forbid sticking it to the man has some consequences, hearing them justify it is even more hilarious. I understand not paying him if you feel you don't want him to get your money, but yeah don't be a dipshit about it.
  11. A League of their Legends?

    I think I have some HoN keys lying around somewhere too if there's any interest, gotta go check how many.
  12. A League of their Legends?

    Demigod was pretty awful, I bought it just because I ran into the devs last year at PAX and I liked them so much that I bought it. Unfortunately, the game only has eight heroes and isn't as compelling to play as dota/hon. I actually just got a LoL key from a buddy so I don't have much idea on how it runs. Also, the p2p matchmaking killed demigod and made getting large games going impossible. In a 4v4 match, there would always be one person who wouldn't be able to connect to one other and that would basically not let the host start until the person was kicked. After that one person got kicked, for some reason the connections just got worse and worse.
  13. So.. Batman: Arkham Asylum

    The batarang is attached to the base so you can't run around like an overgrown manchild throwing it around with a towel hanging behind you while singing hall of the mountain king in your head, wait what are we talking about again. Oh yeah, it also looks like a really cheaply made piece of plastic. As for the game, it's pretty good. There's nice little references to the batman universe, I found Ra's Al Ghul's corpse in a morgue, mr freeze's cell, clayface locked up in a cell etc. I liked what they've done with it so far
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I kind of half remember my first year roommate buying me a lot of beer and me writing a paper for him that was me rambling about how godzilla rampaging through tokyo is actually a metaphor for the states and that got him a B+, school is pretty fun.
  15. A League of their Legends?

    The dota community is the biggest steaming pile of shit you will ever find accumulated in one spot, it's really newbie unfriendly and atleast here you have stat tracking and with the beta's being matured now you don't have as many pros just looking to stomp with smurf accounts. I mean seriously, if you took the worst people in the world, war criminals, murderers, rapists, etc. and had them sit there and spout shitty lolcat catchphrases until they collapsed under their own weight to form a shit singularity that's pretty much what the dota community is. As for the game itself, I found the matchmaking and interface quite lacking and quite preferred Heroes of Newerth to it.