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    Oooh, I know this one! Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi! (Pronounced something like "Chick-sent-me-high" if the internet's Merlin Mann is to be believed.) Actually posting to cover a Dream Cast topic, though. Through a combination of hearing about this thread and seeing a friend post his craigslist ad selling an absolutely beautifully maintained 1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing (that may or may not be a rad bike; I know *nothing* about motorcycles), I had a dream the other night that I bought a motorcycle. Pretty great! Except that my brain is stupid, and the entire dream consisted of loved ones telling me it was a terrible decision to spending so much money on a frivolous and dangerous thing, on top of which I didn't even know how to ride it, and where was I going to keep it? So I guess keep doing and talking about cool things in here, Shitty Wizards. Apparently it has an audience, even among the subliminally disinterested.
  2. Far Cry 3

    +10 +10 +15 That and the minimap sure seem like either somebody missed the point OR it's a metanarritive about, uhhh, Hell as a modern FPS?
  3. it just wouldn't be idle thumbs without the readers running the jokes into the ground, i'm doing my part
  4. Famous's reference to Steve's ebola avatar made me wish for a Mac OS X port of Ebola Monkey Bingo, which would be a
  5. Favorite: Bionic Commando - There are a lot of problems with the game, but it bears the distinction of being the first video game I ever mastered (or is it Master-D?). I love it despite how different from and arguably worse than its contemporaries it is. The action is less intense than Contra (especially due to the lives/continues system), the rocket launcher is the only weapon you should ever use, and the bosses are horribly designed. Rearmed captured a lot of what was great about the original, and improved on a ton of my complaints, but it will never be as either as awesome or as special to me. Best: Cave Story - The work of one man, acting alone. I haven't played something as lovingly crafted since Megaman 2. I have a hard time calling it my favorite even though I can describe it with a bullet list of my favorite things: Metroid-style exploration Multiple endings and paths based in part on the upgrades you pursue A weapon system where everything has a distinct and interesting use Beautiful pixel art One of the best and most memorable soundtracks I've heard since the SNES It's simple enough that anyone can grasp, but as deep as any action game I've played. The hero has plenty of cool ways to move around, but nothing as demanding as Super Metroid's shinespark or walljump. The normal endgame boss gauntlet is demanding, but not unfair, and there's plenty of masochistic post-game content for masters of the game. Desert Island: Diablo II (and Lord of Destruction) - I played the original Diablo when it was released, but only very recently tried the sequel (nearing completion of Act 1). Even having only scratched the surface, it's obvious that the huge variety of classes, skills, monsters, and loot could sustain me until rescue, insanity, or death. I'm loving playing the game with my skeleton army, and I can't wait to see all the different ways the game plays. Also, golem de-summoning.
  6. Now I don't have to troll the Bethesda boards! Lazynet: Someone should incorporate this kind of constant-input locomotion into an action game - maybe you could alternate sliding and jumping while shooting people?
  7. This isn't the first time QWOP came up - it was initially discussed in episode XI: Extremes. I know, because I heard it on my way home from work today - after listening to 50 in the office - and now I have to beat QWOP. Thanks, Nick. I thought my old record of 87 meters would be good enough for me. Thanks for that feeling of terror the first time I got over the hurdle again today. Thanks for that rush of adrenaline I got when I saw 70 meters tonight. Thanks for the curses I spat at my laptop when I wiped out at 94.8 meters. I've gotta walk away from it now, center myself, and get back in the zone and finish this tonight. If I don't, my new hobby will be bitching about Bethesda games. Sweet cast, Thumbs, and thanks for all the awesome shows.
  8. The bargo for Gears of War 2 was lifted yesterday!