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  1. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    Explode mode made me explode. I loved the look of the game, the projected tutorial messages were delicious! I also loved the enemy robots, very spooky colours. The control system was obnoxious and compounded by my inability to tell which was the front and which the back of the tank. They are very similar. Eventually i resorted to holding LB to spin around non stop and press RB when i wanted to move forward. Awesome job!
  2. My game is to be: Rolling with the Pope RELEASE: https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-2016/rate/68393
  3. Updated with less typo-full instructions!
  4. [RELEASE] Idle Thumbs Simulator 2000

  5. It was so weird not being able to look up and down! I stepped in too much poop and died. Good fun:)
  6. I was on board till the rotters tried to steal my babies and then i had to emp that shit. Aweseome pewpew sound effects.
  7. [Release] Suddenly the King of France

    Rad. I want to send it to our French intern to translate! Loved the graphics.
  8. [Dev Log] That Mechanical Meat

    I also despise clickers, but the setup and the presentation is amazing. I think you and zero should have an aesthetic baby.
  9. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    Oh, i liked your poop outlines. What brush are they?
  10. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    That sounds like the best music! I was very confused, but i'll try the new build when i get a chance.
  11. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    The desert is lovely. How did you generate the landscape? I waked with rhythm and attracted the worm:/
  12. [RELEASE] Shoot That Pizza

    Haha. Most excellent:D Loved the end credits music.
  13. Thanks spenny and Barbara! You gotta collect the coin spenny. Also, dear god my instructions were mangled^^ They might have been a bit rushed!
  14. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    I got stuck on the first puzzle as my game window focused with only half hte puzzle on screen. Lovely setup though, and i like clicking things.
  15. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    I really liked the little men you were balling and the computer setup! The lag was well representative of my time spent on WoW launch days.
  16. Gerbil I must read the rest of the thread and I'm a butt for not doing so! I guess I tested your bug announcement system^^
  17. Thanks Ben! I always enjoy making my sounds^^ I agree on some of the sprites. A few got a bit muddy in the last rush. They are better if drawn to scale (roughly) so the lines and strokes stay similar i think, but i didn't decide on my scalings until everything was in. My floor is a bit overpowering too!
  18. [Release] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Should have read more, i tired playing it on my own^^ I love your little monster things and the aiming is sweet. Maybe if you got controller support in there you could make it auto launch after a short while to put the pressure on.
  19. Haha, nice meta elements^^ On my first try, i hit space and the window scrolled and even a reload of the page wouldn't bring it back! I went to the link again and all was well:)
  20. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Woah, this has the beginnings of a genuinely good game! Your art and animation is so great. I loved the walking person and there was a really nice feel to the movement.
  21. [Release] The Classic Alien Form

    I really like your player and alien sprites. I did wander around for a very long time without finding anything though! Nice work:)
  22. Haha. Francis' is his cape billowing out to collect everything (Google will find that quick!). His anti Pope is Bouncless Bouncer, as he was a bouncer in a former life. Pius' is vlad the impailer, who used to work for him. Nice guy. His antipope is Vatican 5-0, a crossover with cancelled content John XXII who oversaw Vatican 2. Collecting euros is really important! I was going to mention it above, but I didn't want to lead you too much:P
  23. I updated to make it a bit more difficult at the start and a lot easier right at the end. My last difficulty level was a bit brutal! I didn a mario maker test and passed it myself this time:P
  24. I never even thought to do that! And thanks dr Nick!
  25. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    9/10. Looses one point because i can't input any controls. Looks and sounds amzing though.