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  1. Rimworld

    Holy shit neorev
  2. Might try a succession later for sure!
  3. You can still download the save Dewar, and print it out and draw pictures of disasters on it.
  4. Other podcasts

    I've been listening to lots of Desert Island Disks recently and loving it. The host is amazing. She guides things so well and seems perfectly able to pitch herself to her guest's personality. Speaking with the US ambassador to the UK: "Well, i can see why you are a diplomat with that answer" "I'm not sure that was a compliment" "It wasn't!" (everyone laughs).
  5. Ripley's Believe it or Not!

    Oh wow clyde, that vid! Amazing! ALso, i used to read my grandparent's copies of Ireland's Own when i was visiting them when i was a kid. I used to love the ripley's section in them.
  6. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    I'm like two missions in, but i had so much fun just looking at everything in my friend's bedroom.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I just discovered that SAM has hie ello in his sig when i accidentally clicked it and said ello, wtf is this.
  8. Ripley's Believe it or Not!

    I'm not joining a conversation about Guy Feiri.
  9. Rimworld

    Ya but plasticfish, there wont' be any naked escaped prisoners in stardew. My rimworld story is The world went on fire My crops went on fire My wooden walls went on fire My colonist couldn't take it anymore and started wandering aimlessly My colonist went on fire.
  10. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I have people over on saturday for dinner and board games so i think this quite fits the menu! Nomnom.
  11. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    I rarely get excited for games, but i have been excited for this for so long! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  12. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    In honour of this theme i made: Risotto Chilli Bean soup Biriyani
  13. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I keep forgetting to take pixx. I made risotto and a biriyani and they were both great!
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    The busier I am, the more i do. Like this week all my normal weekly things are called off at once (summer break) and i'm probs just going to sit and play mordor all week. When i have things to do every evening i make way more of an effort to do even more!
  15. German hour on voice chat

    Ya, german deffo has a bad rep for being harsh sounding. I honestly think that French is much harder to listen to.
  16. German hour on voice chat

    Vergessen Sie nicht Ihre Gummistiefel!
  17. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    I made taco fries (see above for in the wild picture). Homemade spicy oven wedges with a yoghur sauce, very spicy chilli mince and lots of cheese. I also made papusas from my recently aquired masa harina. They were delicious. 2 were a bean mix i made up, and 1 was stuffed with cheese and corriander leaf. The texture was a little werid and i think i made them a bit thick though. Also, the masa flour was really easy and clean to work with, which was great! With that i had the quick cabbage pickle that seems mandatory. That stuff is really, really great and works brilliant with the sweet corn flavour. (I'm making it during the week again, and have some for lunch with chilli tomorrow.
  18. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    SOn't worry everyone, i'm doing taco fries next, and i don't think anyone will worry about providence.
  19. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    Ok, i just read that it was healthy fast food, i thought it was fancy fast food. hahaha. Here is my take on one of my former favourtie takeaway staples, chicken satay skewers with fried rice: Pork Skewers with coconut peanut sauce, boiled rice and a quick cabbage pickle. And bonus packed lunch from it.
  20. [RELEASE] Shoot That Pizza

    I haven't played all the games yet, but i think this is my favourite so far.
  21. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    At times hypnotic, at times slightly arousing and then suddenly terror. Great job!
  22. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    @ben ..Explode Mode (Win).zip\Explode Mode (Win)\ExplodeMode\Binaries\Win32\ExplodeMode.exe