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  1. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love this!
  2. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    Ohlala! Very ambitious! Good luck:D
  3. [released] Avocado Smash

    Sounds like someone had a bad experience with some superglue back in his collage days! This looks creepy and wonderful, good luck:)
  4. [RELEASE] Dead Letters

    i love the idea here! I can see sulks happening when someone slaps the other's hand.
  5. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    So pretty! When you start the game does one of the shooting lasers shoot right at camera to wash out to the game?!
  6. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Can't wait to see your meat!
  7. Pizza Tonight / A Chill Hell

    I love the little zombie people! Nomnomnomnom.
  8. a divine exodus of snakes

    Holy crap! Amazing!
  9. Poke for anyone with outstanding stuff. Especially if it is just a text response i would really appreciate having answers by tomorrow. Art and stuff is less important right now.
  10. Everyone, if you have outstanding assignments I'd really appreciate having them for the start of the jam. Also, faces for the secret intro spot! Amuzet, I'll add you to the list when the next wave of stuff goes out at the start of the jam.
  11. You people are amazing. The stuff i'm getting is just brilliant.
  12. It has begun, because i realized this will take a while! Everyone still free to enter, you just get added to the list!
  13. I'm gonna get a GPU and try it in my computer. I'd rather fry a GPU in my computer than fry someone else's computer with my GPU!
  14. I'll have to commandeer a friends computer.
  15. That didn't do anything murt. I updated as well, my info was a bit wrong. update: I put the GPU in again and tried to remote into the computer using teamviewer, but it wasn't able to find the PC, so i'm guessing it doesn't boot.
  16. Only got the one slot for it. I forgot to add, i had a BSOD a few weeks back and ended up with weirdness that was solved by reinstalling windows as well. Also, my GPU was only working out of one of the outputs since that time (how quickly i forget things)
  17. Moo, a recent win10 update has done something to my PC. I left the update finishing on Friday and on Saturday when i turned on the PC it booted directly to the ASrock UEFI screen. Anyhow, been trying to get things fixed, tested and figured and i'm in the following situation. With no GPU the computer boots as normal. Windows install is a clean one on my SSD. All data is stored on a separate drive. (Edite)With GPU, the computer goes to a blank screen. This is even if my monitor is plugged directly into my mobo. Changing ports wakes up my monitor to a black screen, but it then goes back into power save. Keyboard and mouse are powered and i can toggel caps lock ect. My guesses are that either my GPU is fried, or my PSU is dying and can't power it at the same time as everything else or the mobo. Is there any way to check at this point exactly which component is gone wrong? I'm a little hesitant to plug a possibly broken GPU into someone elses computer. Specs Crucial M4 128GB SSD 6 8GB-Kit G.Skill PC3-10667U CL9 Antec Truepower New 650W ASRock Z68 Pro3 (B3), Sockel 1155, ATX Intel Core i5-2500K Box, LGA1155 (not overclocked) Sapphire HD 6950, 2GB GDDR5 PCI-Express
  18. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Someone make a game where they hack into the forums and gaslight everyone as to what they had planned for wizjam.
  19. "Finally Bagged Me a Keytar" "Worst Recital Ever" "(Annoyed Grunt), a deer"