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  1. Intoxicated:

    Oooh. That might be tasty. I'm coeliac so it is the gluten in beer that is the problem. I guess with ginger beer i might just have to check that no colours or anything in it have any gluten.
  2. Intoxicated:

    I can have anything except beer. If i had a more restricted list this might be easier, but it is just anything except beer. I would go for rum and coke or something, but that is more a "later in the night" drink in my mind, and they are really sweet so i can imagine it getting sickly if i was drinking it an entire night.
  3. Intoxicated:

    I can't drink beer any more. I need a new drink. I tried G&T and it was very bitter:/
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Saw sufjan stevens live on Saturday. It was totally amazeballs.
  5. Life

    She changed her mind? Unexpected!
  6. Life

    What is your field gor? I went straight to industry after my PhD (engineering, mostly maths/analysis stuff). Over here at least, I am able to spin my PhD into lots of different jobs. I've done bioinformatics, audio analysis and now I'm doing low power sensor algorithms. Just apply for the jobs. The biggest hurdle I had when I was job hunting was thinking that industry was like academia and that you had a specialisation and you stuck to it. Industry wants people who aren't fuckups. Many jobs I look at are looking for PhD level education nowadays, or it can cut like 5 years off their 'required' experience level. Also, industry is way less weird than academia. If you want me to take a look over your cv with an eye to transitioning it to a skill based, industry focussed one give me a poke. I'm really good at criticising other people's stuff.
  7. Life

    Start your own ITEast podcast Danielle! Also, i'm guessing the answer to pabosher's question is "boring grown up reason". Boo grown up reasons, boo. I'm now coeliac. After a close to crying wobbler on Tuesday night after getting my book of things i can eat (Coeliac Ireland publishes a book of all certified gluten free foods and it is at my own risk to eat off-diet so i won't be) I'm actually doing pretty ok with it. My kitchen is restocked, my pots, pans and utensils have been retired and replaced with cheap ones until i can afford nicer ones. I have two vast batches of soup made for freezer lunches the next few weeks and since i have my book i can start cooking properly again. My first big test will be this weekend when I got to Dublin with my brother and his wife this weekend. I am about to become annoying guy in restaurant who has to make his specialized diet explicitly clear to everyone involved. Woo.
  8. Life

    Listen, if it all goes wrong, just set up a situation where you get to jump a shark. Anyone who then complains that your quality has gone downhill gets a D for not paying attention.
  9. Plug your shit

    I hope you mean all the good points of TAM and 99% and not he overwrought intrusive production and commentary. Man, i want to love those podcasts so much (and RadioLab), but i find everything about them that is not the story infuriating.
  10. I Had A Random Thought...

    That might not be the easiest thing to do in a thread called "I had a random oh a squirrel!
  11. Either that or you are playing with yourself. And playing with yourself at work is pretty inappropriate.
  12. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    So I officially have coeliac disease! At least it isn't something mysterious.
  13. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Agh, the shop only had vol2 of W+D the other day. Some woman had bought the last vol 1 just before i wandered in. I wanna read:(
  14. Idle Workouts

    You legs will explode but candy will pop out, so i say go ahead.
  15. Roguelikes

    So, these little bastards have taken over my bedtime recently. At the moment I'm playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (with tiles!) and Desktop Dungeons. Both are brutally hard (for me) despite being at the milder end of the rogue like spectrum. On the pad, I have zaga33. Up and coming, I'm fighting the urge to get FTL. For all it is in space, it sounds just as vicious and random as any roguelike. Does anyone else have a soft spot for these? The endless permanent deaths? The embarrassing mishaps? Do you find the lack of story beyond "Go steal stuff" to be off-putting? For me playing DCSS, I find my self oddly getting a lot of "story" for want of a better word out of these games. Scattered around the dungeon will be unique beings, and as you become more familiar you learn to fear their names. You narrowly defeat a sorceress, but then remember that she usually travels with her brother, or you slash through a goblins slaves to kill the master and free them. Or you eat some rotten meat, become nauseous and a rat kills you. Nothing is worse than struggling to reach a new floor only to be cut down by the ghost of a more powerful former self. (if playing zaga33 replace all nouns with "squiggle". ) Here is my records since my last install. I've made it to orc 4 at work with around 10k. That's not good even though I always play the same character in hopes I'll improve some day.
  16. Life

    I think she sounds pretty cool as well. Like a Roald Dahl character.
  17. Life

    If she was a real fan she would have gotten you to write I will not annoyed grunt. She doesn't sound like a real Simpsons fan.
  18. Idle Food - Cooking!

    That's what canned tomatoes are. The recipe says you should cook them down for a long time until it has all thickened, so them starting out like that shouldn't have put you off really. Did you cook it yet?
  19. I Had A Random Thought...

  20. I dunno. One of my friends was playing it a while back too and I asked her how it was going. She said she stopped caus it was so boring. That is 2 strikes in the last few days against it! I don't really get AAA games tbh, there is something common to a lot of them that just turns me off and i've never been quite able to put my finger on it.
  21. Life

  22. I Had A Random Thought...

    Whats wrong with queue?
  23. Great, i was about to go back and try playing it again. I guess not:/
  24. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Oh yes, only for the diagnosis! They aren't that cruel, i think. Though, once you go gluten free as a coeliac you become quite sensitive to gluten apparently. A crumb of wheat bread can cause people to start vomiting and can fatigue you for days. Other people don't really react, but it will still cause internal damage. My sis is on a FODMAP diet at the moment for similar reasons. After a week she fell off the wagon at a dinner party, ate a bunch of off diet foods, puked her guts up the next morning and then was unable to drive the next day from exhaustion. She has been on it about 6 weeks now and says she feels amazing. With her problems she will be able to reintroduce foods one by one untill she finds her trigger(s) which is good. She is also able to eat around foods that aren't on her diet, like at the weekend we shared a curry and she just didn't eat certain veg from it. Coeliac isn't so easy however, anything that comes into contact with gluten is contaminated and can't be eaten. I'm most nervous about eating out and eating at other peoples houses. I might just not eat anything that i don't prepare myself till like christmas to ensure i get on the diet properly. I'm luck in that a) i live alone and can fully control my kitchen and food and i cook for myself daily already and have unwittingly been leading a low gluten lifestyle for years. This is all going to be hilarious if my biopsy comes back negative^^ Edit: Also, Ireland seems to be one of the most coeliac aware countries, which is reassuring!
  25. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Coeliac disease symptoms only happen in response to gluten in the diet. If you don't have any gluten, then you don't have the antibodies and the intestine damage goes away. I've have the blood test before, but it was negative, possibly as i eat not much gluten in my normal bread hating diet. To diagnose you need to aggravate the condition by loading up on gluten. They call it the gluten challenge and it is not very much fun. I have a pain in my belly for 2 weeks now and waves of bloating and nausea:/