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  1. It's a worse version of the game, especially for someone who's never played it before. But it might not matter that much because of all the backseaters in the chat.
  2. Any reason why Nick is playing Scholar of The First Sin for his first playthrough? Seems like a bad idea all-around.
  3. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I'm not sure how well this fits your criteria but how about the 'Heroes of Might and Magic' series of games? I'd only really recommend 2 and 3. They are both on GoG so you don't need to get any 3rd party software or mods to run them well.
  4. Looking for TBS recommendations

    You might wanna check out Flotilla by Brendon Chung. He made a video showing it off and explaining the mechanics and systems:
  5. "Now you know what we were not thinking about" -Idle Thumbs I want more Trump as games reviewer.
  6. Life

    I started going to the gym 5 weeks ago which has been great. Today I got complemented on my form when doing a so-called by a guy who clearly has been going to the gym waaay longer than I have judging by the amount he was bench pressing. As someone with pretty low self-confidence it made me really happy.
  7. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    The music is OK but the costuming in this video is fucking intense!
  8. The idea that npc's picking upp stuff that you drop does exist in the Stalker games. They'll pick up and equip weapons that are better than the stuff they already have.
  9. Nick doesn't remember the name of Hearthfire when he did the voice over for the promotional video. I mean come on, who can forget classics such as "Fish hatchery!"?
  10. Kairo. The tone and the AV was so pitch perfect and then the ending is a complete 90° turn from the rest of the game tonally and visually. It was well intentioned but damn if it wasn't jarring as hell.
  11. Do You Have a Preferred Perspective for Games?

    I think a combination of animations and controls makes a lot of third person games feel and look awkward to me. Especially shooters and platformers, which I guess covers a lot of games. Exceptions that are fresh in my mind are Dark Souls, albeit not a shooter but still very actiony, which has very precise and "correct" feeling controls. Grow Home which procedural animations really gives it life and personality and if it was in first person it would have been a very different game.
  12. The scene in the Black Lodge with Laura and the flickering lights was terrifying. Also WIndom Earle's backwards voice sounds like Jake's Dr. Sbaitso impression.
  13. I Had A Random Thought...

    Mouth ulcers suuuuck. I used to get them regularly a couple of years ago. Thankfully now I only get them, and small ones at that, after I accidently bite the inside of my mouth.
  14. I Had A Random Thought...

    Is there a mashup song that contains '(I've Had) The Time of My Life' transitioning into '99 Luftballons' or have I just dreamt that? It goes from the chorus of 'Time of My Life' straight into the (synth?) bass riff from "99".
  15. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I was disappointed that this wasn't the episode 29's podcast image.