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  1. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey, I'm up to learn if I can fit it into my crazy college schedule. I'm mostly interested at experimenting with game mechanics and concepts, most likely in 2D. I have some programing experience, so I'm comfortable with learning anything. Is gamemaker the best for fast prototyping of 2D games? Also, would it allow new unique mechanics, or is it mostly designed for standard mechanics. One Idea I'm interested at looking at is some sort of 2D sailing game. If I can make the movement fun yet minimal (sort of like Tennes accomplished for tennis), I may expand it to something with combat, racing, or such. Also, another thought I had was of a 2D platformer where platforms and such would be toggled by a press of the button, so you would have to switch as you jump around. Then, further switching constraints could be made, such as switches occurring every time you jump. Obviously this idea is easier, but I'm not sure where to take it in level design terms.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello, I'm a long time listener and "new" here. This account is actually 5 years old, except I never ended up using it much (except for this silly attempt to archive Idle Thumbs jokes, but I'll pretend that never happened). I've peeked in on these forms and always seen good discussion, so I'd love to get involved. Currently, I'm a student in college studying Engineering, so I don't get around to play games much (though I did just play The Walking Dead and find myself playing cool browser games time to time). My taste in games are pretty varied. For a while I played a lot of the classics I missed out on (Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, original Zelda, Chrono Trigger) which was the result of playing so many N64 games as a kid even though we had a Gamecube and PS2 in our house (N64 games were like $10 or less at Gamestop). I've always loved Nintendo games, and I only now do I not have any of their hardware. Actually, for a while, my main form of gaming was essentially handhelds. They were always my favorite, which I believe is because my first ever game memories were playing on the Game Boy Color (Wario Land 2!). I also had a DS (for which I wrote a "persuasive" essay to my parents on why they should get me one) and a PSP (so much Monster Hunter with friends - all while I argued it was a shallow loot collecting game). For some reason, I always felt that handheld games were the most unique and pushed the limits before indie gaming took hold, especially on the DS (think Retro Game Challenge). Nostalgia aside, I didn't get into PC gaming until 3 years ago when I made my own computer, and it's been really great. I probably play indie games more than anything else at this point and I love it. There is just so much to play though, that it's almost tiring, so now I just try to get to things as they come up. I always love finding really great but not well known games though, and I may go back into the classics again. I don't really have a list of "favorite games," but someday I'd like to make a list of games that are most influential to me and kind of stick in my head as awesome unique experiences, because some games really exist as solid impactful memories. Oh, and one of the main reasons I decided to join is because the game making thread sounds really interesting. It's something I've only lightly touched before, but I'd really like to sincerely try it out. I have to improve at coding somehow (for college) anyway! tl;dr: I was here once and now I'm back and older and less middle-school-y, I like video games, maybe I'll make one PS: Because I didn't know where to put this but felt like it was somehow relevant to my weird Idle Thumbs past, . Warning, going back to old podcasts can be weird and either makes you realize how time works or confuses you more.PPS: After 5 years of listening, I also haven't managed to play Far Cry 2. Maybe someday...
  3. Idle Thumbs 48: In Space

    Jake, Nick, Chris --> Actually all the same guy who does many things along with not doing many things.
  4. No, I with I found them myself but I did not. I found them with a quick google search. There are a few more Here
  5. Funny Pictures Thread

    Hi, I found a funny photo and there seemed to be no where to post it, so instead of making a thread only for it I made the funny picture thread. Post funny pictures. ****** So I found a statue that is a tribute to Idle thumbs. It is located in France (I never knew Idle Thumbs was so popular there) and is called “Le Pouce” which means "The Thumb" in English.
  6. Here are some more good ones: Though they are not all from 2009
  7. Officialy Unoffical Idle Thumb Meme Thread

    Yea, I guess that is true. I was just trying to make a sort of reference thing so one can read where the saying origonated (especial for new users without the time to go back and listen to them all and in the end are confused), but I do see how it is not the right place and that these memes should die. I was never trying to explain them. So memes al the eventual needed dath of this thread I give you one last ammend
  8. Officialy Unoffical Idle Thumb Meme Thread

    To those out there who wish to rid this thread: Why I ask you must we destroy such a beast. This is a testament to the accomplishments of Idle Thumbs. Destroying these sacred archives would be like destroying all records of the American Revolution. No I say Let the History go on do not destroy the work of such a valiant caliber. I SAY NO TO DELETION LET IT NEVER HAPPEN!!! I had a dream where all lists and form post of sensibility could live together a prosper. I will not give into oppression. I will not turn this land into a warzone. PRAISE THE WIZARD THAT THESE POSTS STAND (OK I know I went a litle crazy there - forgive me )
  9. Officialy Unoffical Idle Thumb Meme Thread

    Woa!, OK BIG awesome list. I guess I'll leave the list to you since you certainly are not the lazy type. Unless you want me to copy it to the first post. But thanks a lot gdf. Some things I remember (that are only sorta memes): "Baby" "Semagoediv (Break Reverse)" "Perhiperal Kid" "Puffins" (or is that "MmmPuffinth") "Suckbox" And Aganin THANK A TON that list is just awesome and thank you for spending your time. I can especially thank you for the episode numbers.
  10. Many happy returns, Mr Remo

    "Did I miss the party?" Darn Well happy belated B-day And Here is the Ultamate Party Hat for you and the Idle Thumbers Go to link for full size
  11. So I've been thinking we really need a place where we can honor all of the things on Idle Thmbs that make us laugh ad look weird in public: The Idle Thumbs Memes Plese help as I do not have a perfect memory. Post all large and small memes or jokes pertaining tho the Idle Thumb Universe. Name it and its origonating episode. OK look below for list.
  12. Evony

    Well thak you for trusting me. But yea from thoes articles I would be skeptical of any post about Evony.
  13. PSP

    I defiantly love my psp. There are a lot of cheap old games and the future lineup is looking very promising. I would recommend you get a PSP 2000 or 3000 (PSP go is overpriced) along with a 8 gig memory stick. Or you might want to look for a bundle that interests you.
  14. Evony

    My account has not been jacked but if those articles are true I think I will stop playing. It was fun but I was not heavily involved. Hopefly I will not have any problem as a result.
  15. Evony

    Hey I would just like to share this game I have been for a while now called Evony. It is a new MMO RPG/RTS that is free. It is sort of like Siv. but an MMO. I started about a week ago and it is pretty fun. What I like about it is that it is sort of passive. Even when you are not on you are building resources. My only gripe about it is that it is a little slow to build things, but again you do not need to be on while it is building. Also has anyone else played this game? ****EDIT**** There have been reports that Evony has a Trojan within it. I am sorry I did not realize this. I am going to stop playing and I no longer recommend this game.