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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    On the tube? Times must be hard.
  2. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    I mean going back down to Normal should be easy after playing through the the hardest difficulty setting.
  3. Poster and cover art

    Damn, that Lost t-shirt would have been perfect as a b'day present for my girlfriend SOLD OUT Sod it, I'll get her a small mansize one
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Oooh it was goood. The scenes with The Shadow Man (voiced by Mr Is It The Frank or Is It The Beans - that drove me nuts until I IMDB'd him just now) especially and at times they seemed to be showing how much of a 3D-like effect you can get out of classic animation. The use of lovable animal characters felt comfortably nostalgic and the story was sweet enough. The songs weren't as poppy/catchy as previous Disney outings, but had more class which fit the film's sense of style imo (at the expense of a sing-a-long at the pictures and hum-a-long on the way home). Some great bursts of Jazz however and the musical numbers thankfully never out stayed their welcome (never been my thing). Overall it felt a little empty, but what was there was very enjoyable and great to see on the big screen. With only about 50 people in the Empire Leicester Sq I can't see it making much money in the UK sadly...
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    Off to see the 'Princess and the frog' or 'The frog princess' or something along those lines tonight. Looking forward to some 'old school' 2D animation again. Bought 'Sleeping Beauty' or 'The Beauty Sleeps' or something on BluRay last year and it was truly a beautiful experience...high hopes then!
  6. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    Fighting my way through Non Stop Infinite Climax difficulty which has the Witch Time removed, the enemies are more aggressive deal more damage. I have the Rosary Beads equipped, which leave behind a large blue ball of explosive energy when you evade an attack, and the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa to parry attacks and return fireballs. Great fun against the larger bosses and baiting Jeanne. One last achievement and then I'll continue my Platinum trophy run on Normal...should be a piece of piss after this! Love this game so much.
  7. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    In the game, Bayonetta is leered at by the 'angelic' enemies she fights, often her attacks turn their lustful yearning back upon them with murderous results and the tease performance she puts on is part of this relationship. However, the game goes from showing things from the Angels POV to giving you a right eyeful from then on suggesting to me that the creator playfully views the player in the same light as the perving enemies. You can of course unlock more respectable costumes (and far more revealing ones), but the fact remains the cutscenes imo occasionally go just far enough to make the objectification on display troubling. Not enough to stop me from playing the game I might add, once you've become hooked by the combat system you'll be Select+RT skipping them anyway and the focus shifts back to the original relationship I mentioned. "You've been naughty", time for some spanky spanky!
  8. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    PIazo3-_80A Damn this Official Guide looks sick, can't wait to get some tips to help up my game!
  9. So, how is everyone?

    Did they die?
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Happy Christmas!
  11. So, how is everyone?

    *Holds up big stereo*
  12. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    Thats interesting, the game certainly is filled with satire but I get the feeling that wasn't what you meant...
  13. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    Bunch of babies in this thread....
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Watched Cannonball Run at the weekend and was surprised to discover I knew all the lines (even the bits in the out takes at the end)...very odd. That black Lamborghini still looks incredible.
  15. *Breathy Voice* Bayonetta *Breathy Voice*

    Its an incredibly accessible and welcoming game on normal, with an abundance of check points (even during sections of the boss battles) - you can create different lolly pops to help you through if your skills are struggling - so try to avoid the Easy mode if you can. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.