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  1. You know, everytime I hear sirens I kind-of think of that as idle thumbs-ish. That would be without idle thumbs without games either.
  2. Lord of the Thumb Rings Online

    I also be just starting to play this game. My character, Ugos of Dwarrowdelf is a level 5 Champion. I'm not a huge fan of the MMO game, but this game being free and being a LOTR game makes me want to try. So I'm trying it out, would love company.
  3. So anyone here play these games? You can get 4 theatre of war games (I think it's games 1 and 2 plus 2 add-on's for the second game) for 11.25 all told. About $5 each if you get them separately too. I'm seriously considering it, having been a fan of old turn-based tactical strategy games (East Front, talonsoft games). What say you all? Are these games enjoyable to play, intellectually satisfying? Are they well made? Does the price make you want to buy it?
  4. Xbox 360 Exclusives? (!)

    I'd buy a PS3 for some of their exclusive games, so I guess Sony has a win there, but I'm also totally content with the content (games and xbla) I get through my xbox so that probably negates that winning factor.
  5. Scribblenauts

    Since this is the only ds game I have, I'm putting alot of time into it. I find that the way they unlock levels, if I get frustrated because of level design and poor controls somewhere, I can almost always skip to something else and come back. For me the 'ollars mechanic of unlocking things helps with the control issues.
  6. Scribblenauts

    So more scribblenauts adventures. I'm really into this game right now, I think I take my DS lite with me everywhere just incase I get the urge to play. (Oh and I bought a DS just for this game) The controls are admitedly weird, but I haven't found much yet that really really frustrates me about it. Plus, when all else fails, spawn death and have him deal with your enemies. What a friend to have indeed.
  7. Scribblenauts

    I have actually killed babies in this game rather unintentionally.
  8. Scribblenauts

    I am currently having a baby with this game.
  9. Forza Motorsport 3

    I'm not sure the demo doesn't seem to let me do any adjusting. I won't find out until the full release comes out. I looked over it and I'm pretty sure it will still work since its basically a bunch of physics and engineering calculations applied to a video game. Oh- and as far as response and pacing goes, try this: A) Go drive your car at something like 80 mph (on a highway preferably) Then go drive one of the Forza 3 cars at 80. You should feel way slower in-game. While you're out in real life if you get a moment where there aren't alot of cars around juke the car left and right (if it is safe to do so in your car) Do the same thing in Forza and I think you'll find the response also muted and slower. To be fair more simulation style games tend to be slowed down because if it were at a more "full" speed, chances are you would find the game impossibly difficult and the tax it puts on your reflexes a little high. Also note how little the wheel moves left and right at full-turn. Seems not enough to me.
  10. Forza Motorsport 3

    In any case I'll play regular multi-player. But I suggest full damage, because it will be funner to play demolition derby when we get bored that way.
  11. Forza Motorsport 3

    So I played the demo some last night and still am going to buy Forza 3, though I was a little dissapointed. When I set it up I turned off all the assists, except I kept the transmission to automatic. And I think I set up the driver AI to medium. I found the head-look controls a little weird, how you have to press up on the right stick to move your head and otherwise you just switch camera views. That didn't feel so nice. My other two complaints had to do with the engine sounds and road feel. I feel like the engine even at max revs sounded like I wasn't Full-throttling it. While I got a sense of the weight and size of the cars, I never felt like I was going really fast, even in that porshe racing car. I'll get the game, for the sheer number of cars available and the customization, but I'm left feeling a little like this one could have been better. Maybe the demo will be blown away by the full release? Oh and on a positive side, the first time I played I got this mild suspension damage and knocked my car out of alignment. There was no sudden violent jerk-to-the-side damage, but my car had a subtle drift in it. That was cool.
  12. Forza Motorsport 3

    So if you still have said spreadsheet i'd love a copy. I don't play 2 anymore but am planning on getting 3 and am looking forward to (finally) a good looking racing (sim)game that lets me tweak stuff alot. So I'd take that. As an aside, one of my favorite things to do in Gran Turismo 4 was to go through my highest performance cars in my garage and go to a track, tuning each car to the track and running it over and over to see which car, properly tuned, was really the fastest on each track. Would love to repeat this in Forza 3.
  13. Forza Motorsport 3

    Holy Sh!t. Will be playing that demo later tonight.
  14. (IGN.com)

    So apparently IGN is showing some self-awareness about its box-quote status: "It's more of the same, if the same is "mega kick ass" and "wicked awesome cool." Hopefully Valve saved room for the back of the box with that quote, because it's damn true." Ign.com
  15. MechWarrior 4 re-released for free

    I see. I was thinking about picking a copy up on Ebay. Looks like "demand" is down and you could get an xbox with the game and controller for less than $200 all in...