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  1. Finally I can sleep again at night. To the sweet sounds of video games. You probably think I'm kidding.
  2. Mini Ninjas

    I grabbed the demo the other night without any info as to what the hell it was before or who had made it. Biggest surprise was the IO name during the boot up, second biggest surprise was that I had a decent amount of fun with what was in there. I went fishing while using my gigantic hat as a boat!
  3. PCs and Consoles and Clouds... Oh My!

    First post, but I decided I'd dive head first into the deep end. Coming from a background of consoles and PCs, I've always leaned more towards my PC. I prefer the controls, I prefer the potential for mods if I really end up liking a game, I prefer the community in most cases and I like the idea that even 10 years down the road after I've upgraded my machine to something entirely new I can still play those old games I bought 10 years before and I don't have to depend on my machine from 10 years before, even if it takes a little work to get something running. There's more control in PC gaming, there's more options. If a piece of hardware starts to go bad, I can simply replace it with a trip to the store. That said, I still play console games. Local gaming is far easier to achieve with consoles, huddling around a desk to play two player coop is pretty uncomfortable. Consoles are slowly catching up with digital distribution of retail games, something I've been spoiled by with steam. But mainly what it comes down to is I enjoy good games, and I'm not going to align myself with any single platform to make myself feel better about a purchasing decision. It's silly.