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  1. Awesome! Thanks dude(s) for posting. Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and video. Sean's final story actually made me emotional too, haha. Thanks guys.
  2. Idle Thumbs Camping

    I mean I think we all appreciate the invite, but we also don't have any clue what the hell you're talking about, haha.
  3. This was such an fantastic cast guys. It's so bittersweet. Can't wait for the video! It warmed my heart to see the (#51) continuation of the original Idle Thumbs podcast. There will now be an enormous video game podcast deficiency in my life. Giant Bomb and Gamer's With Jobs are decent, but nothing comes close to our beloved Thumbs. One last time, thanks so much for the incredible cast guys and best of luck.
  4. This. And thanks so much for the great podcasts guys. It has really affected my life in a positive way and influenced my game purchases for the better . Good luck to you Chris, Jake, Steve, Sean and yes, even Nick.
  5. Excellent podcast! The bit about College Baby: Baby's First Words and the Baby double had me lol'ing to and fro. Going to miss this cast.
  6. Congratulations Chris! And naturally, fuck you Chris. I am of course saddened by this, but Idle Thumbs always seems to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix, so we shall see! We can always hope I'm on the East Coast near Epic Games, and it's not too bad. Probably not as awesome as California, but we make do with our boring historical colonial parks and late summer hurricanes.
  7. A Rudimentary Poll: PC or Consoles and your gaming background

    Some of my earliest memories are of video games. I have memories of playing the Intellivision as far back as I can imagine. Since it came out in 79 and I was born in 1983, I guess I've been playing video games since I was a baby. The Dungeons and Dragons game on Intellivision used to scare the crap out of me. The loud, jarring sounds in that game along with the extremely limited visibility made for many startling encounters with monsters. I still hold that the gameplay mechanics of this game made it scarier than it would seem for a 2-bit system. A video of that game if you never played it: In about 1988 or 1989 my brother and I got a Nintendo. We played all the classics, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, Contra, Blaster Master, Castlevania, Excitebike and had other less known games such as Milon's Secret Castle (one of the hardest games I've ever played), Fester's Quest, Strider, Lifeforce and the list goes on and on. My brother and I played the hell out of the Nintendo and have both since bought every Nintendo console that has come out (not including handheld units). On the SNES we played a lot of Final Fantasy IV & VI. And on the 64 I remember thinking the world of Mario 64 was so lush and full that I didn't even need bad guys to have a good time. I could just run around and explore the beautiful world forever. In 1993 a friend of my brother's (who also happens to by Olympic gold medalist Joey Cheek :-D) got the Doom shareware on a computer. I remember thinking there was nothing like it. It wasn't long before we had our own 75 megahertz Hewlett-Packard and had beaten the Doom shareware (on a floppy disk) hundreds of times. It wasn't long before I saved up enough money from working at a grocery and mowing lawns that I got my own computer. Let the games begin! Then I had my first multiplayer experience with Doom's not-so-user-friendly modem connection program. I played a lot of cooperative and a little deathmatch with my brother and his friends. I remember calling up his friends who I barely knew (my brother is 4 years older than me) and asking them to play with me. Nobody wanted to deathmatch anymore though, because I was the first of our group that began using the keyboard AND the mouse. The rest just relied on the keyboard. As a result, I was often the winner. Yay for right click strafing! Then multiplayer games became much more common. I played a lot of Diablo and Starcraft (thanks Battlenet!) with friends and then I was finally, fully pulled into the world of PC gaming when my friend in high school introduced me to a game that would change my life. The game with the highest skill ceiling I've seen in any game to date (in my humble opinion!) Team Fortress Classic. I played TFC for nearly 10 years, about 5 of those competitively. As a natural progression, I now play a lot TF2. Basically any Valve game, as I have a great appreciation for what they have done for cooperative gaming. In conclusion, I used to be 100% console, and now am about 90% PC gamer.
  8. Snaps. Claps. Vengeance. (It's In The Game!) For other often hilarious video game titles, try this random video game name generator. I've gotten some jewels with this one. Medieval Hobo Girl Tiger Woods' Vocabulary - 3rd Strike Dr. Ostrich Through Time Canadian Landmine Challenge
  9. A princess made of Bone-Ladder.
  10. "His dream is to see Samuel L. Jackson back up into the hand." Bwahaha, favorite quote of the cast, or QOTC if you will.
  11. Idle Thumbs 49: Bargo Busters

    Right about 52:40 in.
  12. Idle Thumbs 49: Bargo Busters

    This little section of the podcast was so bizarre, but it had me reeling in laughter. I just had to transcribe it. Hopefully, this proves to you Thumbs (and former-Thumbs) that I (think I) could tell the difference between Nick and Jake. Well, that's one! Jake (huffing): I would, ha, I would never! Ah! (offended) *silence* Huh! Your mustache is bristling. Chris: Monocle popping out. Jake: Monocle’s MMM! (pretentiously) Chris: Yeah. Wig flying- Jake: The wig VVVVVV! (cartoon sound effect) (Nick laughing meanwhile) Chris: Bow-ties spinning. Jake: Well, eh, possibly. Chris: Maybe, eh? Jake: HMM! Chris: You went too far with the bow-tie. Jake: H-h-hardly a bow-tie. Chris (laughing): Monocle popping! Jake: HMM! HMM! (Nick laughing) Chris: What are we talking about? Jake: Recursive, just uhh, OHHH (scared sounds). This episode has a twist ending. (The silence is broken by Nick’s “offended” outburst) Jake: We're all just scandalized! About everything! Nick: TWIST! (Nick and Jake huffing & feigning laughter) Chris: Idle Thumbs isn’t ending! (short silence followed by laughter) Chris: Oh no, it actually is, I’m sorry. Jake: Uhh…HMM! Chris: Sorry that was in poor taste maybe. Jake: That was terrible. Chris: Umm, so anyway… Jake: That was the spinning bow-tie of this conversation. (Chris laughs) Nick (laughing): Yeah.
  13. Very stoked about this cast, thanks a lot for the frequency, Thumbs! Time to confuse my coworkers by putting on my headphones and cackling like a loony.