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  1. Old Amiga Kickstarter: Wings

  2. Planetary Annihilation

    not really feeling the 2.0 and 2.1 mill goals. rather have some 70s/80s style synth stuff or something rather than orchestrated music. it will at least make it to 1.8mill and the single player campaign, it's at $1,756,485 now with 46 hrs to go.
  3. Steam Greenlight

    towns is more like dwarf fortress. but definitely nothing like minecraft. there is another much better looking one in the works as well, it's probably on greenlight. gnomoria. it's really shaping up. vote that up.
  4. Planetary Annihilation

    and remember what the campaigns were like in total annihilation and supreme commander. this is a huge departure from those. I thought they did a great job in that video.
  5. Steam Greenlight

    I bet he hates the troops too. get him!
  6. Planetary Annihilation

    over 1.3 mill now. gas giants and enhanced orbital units
  7. Planetary Annihilation

    nice new update for the 1.8 mill stretch goal, single player campaign, the galactic war. with video! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943965/planetary-annihilation-a-next-generation-rts/posts/303555 sounds really good. such a nice and perfect solution to how to do a single player campaign in this. will work out like a 4x, almost. the money is 20k out from 1.3 mill now. could make it to 1.8 in the last 7 days.
  8. Sensible Software 1986–1999 Kickstarter

    hehe. just got a snes and some amiga games a few days ago, or amiga ports. gods, sensi, chaos engine, mega lo mania, powermonger, dino dini soccer, kick off, kick off 3. good fun. threw out my amiga long long ago when it stopped working, got a pc shortly after and never got a new one.
  9. The 3MA Canon

    alpha centauri
  10. Kerbal Space Program

    oh wow. that's awesome info!
  11. Kerbal Space Program

    watched a couple of nice let's play series' on youtube a while back. they're still going. quite entertaining
  12. Kerbal Space Program

    latest version of kerbal space program is getting cockpit views it seems like. well at least they're working on cockpit view for that space plane module. someone get chris to play this game. don't think he has, or he would have talked about it on the podcast right? forget ftl chris giant bomb did a video for it
  13. Steam Greenlight

    yeah, given to child's play is mind boggling. what in the fuck. give it to gabe's knife fund instead or some other way more useful charity. greenlight just seems like a really horrible system for game submissions so far.
  14. Planetary Annihilation

    up to over 1.1 mill now. which was the water planets stretch goal. looking good for gas giants and maybe metal planets/lava planets as well I think this is definitely the most interested I have been in a kickstarter game project so far.. or right behind wasteland2, almost forgot about that (good thing I checked with my kickstarter backer history, forgetting about wasteland 2 could have quickly become a huge embarrassment).
  15. The 3MA Canon

    btw illwinter released a new conquest of elysium a short while back (their latest game now, since dominions 3) http://www.illwinter.com/coe3/index.html it's incredibly good. probably not a part of the 3ma canon, I just wanted to mention it. since it's great. and it's kind of the single player side of the same coin as dominions is the multiplayer side.. to. great sentence. but yes dominions 3 should definitely be on there. other than that though, you really need Bruce to write you a proper list if it's supposed to be a 3MA and not just a general strategy canon. hehe.
  16. Steam Greenlight

    so. will any indie game be added to steam ever again? is this greenlight thing working? seems like all the noise around every game ever made asking for people to help them get on steam will have already gotten old. this seems like boring as shit work. valve should have probably instead just made a new way better internal only process for handling games submissions, and hired more people to work on it.
  17. Thirty Flights of Loving

    hey brendon will the proper thirty flights release be available outside steam? thought about this yet?
  18. Thirty Flights of Loving

    is there really no alternative to steam for this?
  19. ha. loved this episode. fantastic
  20. Something going on at GamersGate?

    it's their ad supported free games thing. they announced it last year I think. there's a page and video for it here http://www.gamersgate.com/void starts end of may
  21. Episode 166 - Strategic Tee Ball

    alright. listening now. just to let everyone know. yeah, haha.
  22. Cryostasis

    woah. looked up the devs via 1C, because I noticed a while back their old site which had been up since they made chasm the rift (1997) is gone, and got a little worried.... "Hi, unfortunately we are not working with Action Forms for a long time. As far as I know, they are not making PC games any more and moved to developing software for Iphones," ;( after 13 years, where for half of it they were stuck making shovelware for wizardworks, NOW suddenly right after what is easily their best game yet and where they show an incredible improvement both in technical execution and writing and overall thought involved they go and.. abandon me.. I mean I love chasm the rift, and vivisector's island of doctor moreau was awesome. but cryostasis is special. DAMN IT
  23. Yeah, Trials HD guys are completely different to the guy that made Action Supercross/Elastomania-- redlynx is a small finnish team (they used to make terrible tv and mobile phone games), while Balasz Rozsa is.. a hungarian guy.
  24. good old Balasz is still selling the newer version of action supercross http://www.elastomania.com/
  25. New people: Read this, say hi.

    hi. been in the steam group for a long time. I don't like interacting with random people in online games