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  1. Cocking the gun

    Some types of guns do have left handed varieties. The chief difference from the right handed version being that they eject shells to the left instead of the right. I have no idea if their safety faces the 'normal' way or not. You gotta use the handle, trying to hit someone with the barrel is only going to knock the gun outta your have. And it's probably not good for the barrel either.
  2. Cocking the gun

    Indeed that is not how all revolvers do it, There are single and double action revolvers. With one you have to pull back the hammer yourself, with the other the trigger pulls the hammer back when squeezed. Although which is which I have no idea.
  3. This makes all too much sense. Pandemic's focus has always been on generating new IP, an expensive and risky strategy that EA has been shying away from recently. Now EA can dump the risk and keep the successful franchises that Pandemic developed. Looking at it now it seems surprising Pandemic made it this far.
  4. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    I expected the terrible visuals, but I play most DS games muted so how terrible the music is came as a complete surprise. This plays so good, yet looks and sounds so terrible it seems that it has to have been made by a super intelligent game design computer with no ability to process or even receive audio/visual input.
  5. Water on the Moon?

    Little Daddies!
  6. Water on the Moon?

    Lunar Rapture is going to have to be awfully thin.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Last week Fresh Air had an interview with the director of Precious in which he said So it's not entirely bleak.
  8. EA drops new IP

    Is metal an American-centric phenomenon? Perhaps that could explain the trend.
  9. If you're looking for more podcasts you should probably look into the Other Podcast thread over in Idle Banter. But for my money if you want funny you can't go wrong with Jordan Jesse Go and Stop Podcasting Yourself.
  10. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    Is anyone here actually playing the game? I'm curious to know if the terrorist mission is as horrible as it looks, or if there's context to justify it.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    For that to happen more than three people would have to had read the original.
  12. Far Cry 2

    Wha-? huh? really? How did I get through that game and miss the explosive crossbow!?
  13. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    I wouldn't say I'm boycotting Activision. But I play Call of Duty for the campaign, and all that footage of civilian murdering has totally soured me on the experience. I want a game not a murder simulator.
  14. Shattered Horizon

    When I heard that this was a zero-g FPS I immediately thought Descent, and began salivating immensely. Unfortunately I only have a laptop so I won't be able to make it anywhere near minimum spec. le sigh.
  15. Nick said on his twitter that we have Jake to thank for it.
  16. So if Nick didn't take a job at Bethesda, every copy of Far Cry 2 would have been destroyed? Who knew they wielded such a terrible power? I think you made the right choice Nick, thanks for taking one for us Far Cry 2 fans.
  17. If you were truly a fan you would consider alliteration alluring.
  18. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

    I always thought that Mario should be whacking things with a giant pipe wrench, he could also use it on pipes sometimes too.
  19. I have a friend who I turned onto Idle Thumbs who couldn't tell the difference between Nick and Jake until he got a job at Tell Tale and a desk a few cubicles over from Jake himself. So if you have problems telling the two apart just get a job at Tell Tale.
  20. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

    I thought the Bowser sections were the best part of that game.
  21. How has Idle Thumbs affected your life?

    Thumb Idleness has caused my digits to atrophy.
  22. Half Life 2: I'm really missing the point

    If I try that I just get mad that no one listens to me. I my opinion the best thing about Half-Life 2 was and shall always be Concerned.
  23. Grand Theft Auto V Announced!

    GTA Pittsburgh, I can't think of a city that'd be better to drive around with reckless abandon.
  24. Half Life 2: I'm really missing the point

    I felt kind of the opposite about Alyx. Her budding 'relationship' with Gordon only highlighted for me just how hollow a cypher he really is, and it made her seem kinda crazy too.
  25. An interesting solution to that problem was suggested in the latest Joystiq podcast in which