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  1. I haven't done any multiplayer gaming in months and this sounds like the perfect thing to get back into it. I love Mount & Blade! I'm moving house next week though and I might be disconnected from the net for a while but I'm definitely interested in joining in at some point. Add me on Steam. I'm trying to rid myself of the horrible F4T C4T tag (stupid teen me) so my ID is now Adynod.
  2. The Banner Saga

    Really looking forward to this one too. I saw it somewhere a little before the kickstarter and as soon as that popped up it was an instant backing from me. It was the Eyvind Earle inspired background art that did it for me. I love his stuff.

    Pledged! It's great that you guys are bringing this back in style. Can't wait to see it all come together again!
  4. V The Elder Scrolls

    My SSD was fried during a power surge last week (I suspect). Luckily I only used it for Windows and software and a separate HDD holds my Steam folder. However, I loaded Skyrim up today only to find that all the saves were stored in the user docs... on the SSD. Crap. So, this is an obituary to Adynod, my Khajiit friend. Taken from us before his time, a mere 68 hours old. Let it be known that he made the finest of rugs. His spirit will never be too far away, In fact I imagine he's behind us all right now; crouched with bow drawn. Rumour has it he was last seen in a cave near Riften and should I venture that way again I shall build a small shrine on which I'll lay a single poison tipped arrow. http://steamcommunity.com/id/F4TC4T/screenshot/488876370013156950 Farewell friend.
  5. New Idle Thumbs Website

    Lovely work Thumbs!
  6. See Ben & Dan's Privates here!

    Congrats to Dan! I should check out his Privates sometime, get a feel for a BAFTA winner.
  7. Johann Sebastian Joust

    I just received an email informing me I have a copy of this courtesy of Venus Patrol but unfortunately I don't own any Move controllers! I'm going to have to borrow some in the near future and give it a go.
  8. V The Elder Scrolls

    I have a horse and a Housecarl (the wonderfully shallow Lydia) and until my most recent Dragon fight, a dog called Vigilance. They do/did a good job of keeping up with my mad horse (who stands perpendicular to any surface he stands on) but to be honest my preferred style of travel is by myself, sneaking through the landscape with bow in hand. It's slow but I'm just soaking in the atmosphere and landscape at the moment. Maybe once I've been over the terrain a few too many times I'll start using the cart but for now I don't mind the inventory management. It makes me evaluate what's actually worthwhile for the character I'm playing. Being a lightly armoured, bow/knife wielding Khajiit who specialises in poisons, I don't have to worry about a collection of heavy weapons and armour dragging me down. I collect alchemical ingredients, pelts and valuables for the most part which allows me to explore several areas before having to offload. My biggest bane is special items (magical most likely) too good to pass up, or quest items. It's funny, these weren't really rules I set out with but have just evolved as I've played and I'm enjoying sticking to them now. I've largely ignored quests apart from a few of the main ones and I think once you get dragged into the mindset of completing all those miscellaneous ones the fast travel becomes too great to ignore. I have been tempted. For now, looking at a far away place on the map and preparing for the journey is still a massive part of my enjoyment. Like I said, I'll probably get to a point where that's not the case and then I'll use fast travel, but I'm about 40 hours in and I'm not tired of it just yet!
  9. V The Elder Scrolls

    @Elmuerte, yeah for real! I won't say any more about it though. What happened that night is between me and my pal Sam. I will say that that quest line is epic. That reminds me, is anyone else here not using fast travel at all? I made a decision early on to never use it as my main enjoyment from this series comes from the random stuff that happens or is found between places. It does mean I haven't reached many of the big places yet but all those bandit lairs and crypts nearby? They have been stripped. I look forward to the dog in that place.
  10. V The Elder Scrolls

    I said I wasn't going to get the new year as I'm at a critical point in my career. I'm about to leave my job for the freelance life and I'm currently doing full-time and freelance work in the evenings. So... I now have a house in Whiterun, 2 dragons under my belt and last night I got so drunk in the Bannered Mare I ended up the other side of Skyrim unaware of the previous nights events. It appears goats and giants were involved and I may be married. I love this game.
  11. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I just found this and it reminded me a lot of Dark Souls.
  12. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I like the nature of it, precarious walkways, rickety floorboards an all. My main gripe is lower down with the constantly re-spawning flying things. I kill a pair in hopes of wading through the next area of poisonous swamp unimpeded and there's already another two preventing me getting across again! They're really quite annoying. That and the horrible frame rate around the area. It's definitely the worst I've encountered so far.
  13. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Thanks Sno. I uncursed myself at expense, beat that boss 2nd go and realised that yes I'm going to retreat to upgrade and restock a few things. Blight Town is the most challenging area for me so far, I'm feeling ill equipped for a lot of things.
  14. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I'm scouring the The Depths at the moment which I'm hoping provides a better entrance into Blight Town than the Drake Valley one I've found. There's a foreboding boss battle before then though. I don't know what it is yet but I'll have to face it once I've uncursed myself, grrr! On the plus side I have a Divine Estoc now and while it's slightly worse for the mean time, I'm hoping it proves useful in the long run. Going to have to farm those slimes some to upgrade it though.
  15. Blood Bowl

    @twmac, I'd be interested in a tournament! I've had this game for ages but only played against the shoddy AI for the most part. I tried a brief spell in the RPS Divisions of Death! which were more satisfying games to play but fitting it into my schedule at the time was tricky. @Chris, that sounds pretty cool, although my interest in Blood Bowl is the nitty gritty tactics of the match itself, working against those dice to pull off an awesome touchdown. I don't know if a card game would keep my interest as much.