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  1. How I Met Your Mother

    Sometimes the show will falter, or put Britney Spears in awkwardly, but I find it to be really great most of the time, especially when Neil Patrick Harris is involved. I caught up with it on DVD and am eagerly anticipating season 4 on DVD/Season 5 airing this month. Big Bang Theory never really connected with me. Mainly because the few episodes I did see of it overdid the "Anxious, socially awkward nerdy guy has a really annoying voice" stereotype- something I just can't stand that also seems like the basis of the entire show. Is there more to it than this clip, which I almost turned off halfway? And furthermore, what's the joke here?
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    Went into District 9 pretty much blind, except friend reccomendations, and [totally deserved hyperbole, something like "best Sci-Fi movie since The Matrix"]. I suggest, if for some reason you haven't seen it, to do the same. Real shame you need to be friendly with a high-power producer to get real original stuff pushed through by young talent, but if that's what has to happen, so be it. I'm just happy this isn't the Halo movie. I found Inglourious Basterds to be a lot better on the second viewing, if only because you know exactly what to expect going in. The advertising is sort of deceptive- there's tons more talking in the flick than what they'll show in the trailers (even for a QT film, I felt, but then again I should watch them all through before I say this)- but it's still a totally enjoyable, fantastic film. Also, Mike Myers plays a British guy and it's fucking hilarious. Not my favorite QT movie, but it's definitely worth seeing at least once. That said, the bar scene's the best part and Dear America please give Christoph Waltz Oscars and Oscars for forever. oh also the Avatar trailer, which I didn't want to see (lol attempted media blackout) was pretty strange to see on a screen being projected into my eyes, considering it's been rumored longer than I can remember. But it looks fantastic, visually and as a flick. Bring on December.
  3. Idle Thumbs 39

    Oh, hey, this board exists, might as well chime in on this particular thread: When I heard that "EYYY YA GODDAMN WIZARD" voicemail I was out running errands. I almost fell over in the middle of the grocery store laughing but was just barely able to contain myself. Probably the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time. Fucking video games. Oh, also, had no real fun with the Fuel demo.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Thanks for the link! Also- yeah, both the director's and theatrical cuts are releasing here on Tuesday. Really sucks that the UK is getting shortchanged there but I guess that's studios for you. Could it, though, possibly be a rights thing? I'm not sure of all the politics behind Watchmen itself but a lot of releases get held up in certain regions because of rights issues. Speaking of releases being held up in other regions, where the fuck are the Grindhouse and Kill Bill box sets? I want to give these people my money but they won't take it.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    So is Tales of the Black Freighter in the Director's Cut of Watchmen or not? Watchmen was one of my favorite movies of the year so I'm getting the DC regardless, I'd just like some clarification there. As to what I've seen recently: -Just saw Terminator 2 for the first time. Holy fucking shit. I haven't been this crazy about a movie since... I want to say The Dark Knight? Absolutely outstanding, 100 percent better than the original. Going out on a limb and saying best James Cameron movie. I'm a little afraid to go ahead and rent T3 or 4 (when it comes out), mostly because I fear it'll kill Terminator/T2 for me. Thoughts? -Harry Potter 6 was surprisingly good. As someone who's somewhat of a Potter fan (some of my friends are big into it, brought me to the midnight show) I really didn't like the last one compared to the book. However I thought 6 was a fantastic adaption, bringing the correct amount of humor and drama while incorporating some of the plot points ignored by the last movie, among other things. Only complaint I had was , which felt rather unceremonious especially since they cut . -Transformers 2. What to say? I went with my girlfrend to see Bruno but couldn't get in (don't judge, I turn 17 in a month) so we bought tickets for the new Woody Allen movie instead. This was playing in IMAX at the theater next door. I remember having a lot of fun with the first one when it came out so I figured why not just run in. besides, it's IMAX, right? Wrong. Jesus fucking Christ what a trainwreck. Everything about this was horrible. The writing, the humor, the lack of Ratchet. The last thing I saw in this setting (local movie theater "IMAX") was Star Trek, and that looked and sounded absolutely fantastic despite not having any sequences specifically shot in the format. TF2, sadly, not only underuses the format (it's only used in a handful of shots, one big fight scene and spots near the end), but the scenes not in IMAX felt stretched out and pixelated. Astoundingly, Star Trek had none of this at all. That, and Barton Fink wearing a jockstrap and running around with Totally Not Kumar in the desert made me wince. Heavily. To hell with Michael Bay.
  6. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    I thought about it a bit and went back and played a little more (I haven't had much time since I played through on Wednesday). I have to say the whole "You've bought this, it is for sale" magic is wearing off on me a bit, and I'm starting to agree with you on this point. As I said, I used classic mode pretty much the whole time, creating the ideal you want- my own mental image of the game. I have no idea yet what everything sounds like, or how the music was changed, or what some character sound like, except at random intervals- the Stan voice is totally off to me (aparrantly the same actor plays Stan in CoMI? I haven't played that so I wouldn't know) and the head cannibal is hilarious to listen to, as I had pictured them as more menacing than that. It's sad to think that people will ignore the Classic Mode altogether. At first I figured the "No MI2 at all" had meant that it not be rereleased ever or something dumb like that. Thanks for the clarification. The question I asked was kind of skewed, as you pointed out, and I'll admit my opinions were kind of grey going into this thread. I should probably stand my final ground on a potential MI2SE here: while I think they should go ahead and put it on XBLA and PC like the first one (this is my main concern, to have it on XBLA), they should either actually try at it (looking at screenshots, they have some work ahead of them, this thing looks gorgeous) or just dump it on there for $5. Hell, I'd buy it at $10. Also, they better keep their fucking hands off of Curse.
  7. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    The only real hotspot problem I had playing the XBLA version was (should I even spoiler this?) but I think that was more me not realizing where to click. Once I got into the swing of things I really didn't have a problem with it, except for the safe combination puzzle at the beginning. Then again it could either be the fact that for the most part I used Classic Mode, the giddyness of being able to buy and actually own SoMI, or both- I'm not entirely sure. Honestly I can't win in a debate for this game- and as I didn't grow up with it, and have no real attachment except that I like it a whole lot. My question for you guys that did is this: What about the new audience (like myself) who couldn't have the opportunity to buy the original in the first place? Especially for XBLA gamers who might not even know what Monkey Island is. Shouldn't these games be avaliable to as many people as possible?
  8. Point-and-Click Adventure Games, Today.

    I think a lot of the love for adventure games now comes from the nostalgia that people feel from how it was when they first played Monkey Island, or King's Quest, or stuff like that. As someone who never really got the opportunity to have this feeling-born in the early 90's- adventure games (especially the new ones from Telltale) feel like a breath of fresh air. But that's just me.
  9. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    From what I've heard,
  10. New "old-school" LucasArts game announced tomorrow

    Bought and played through Monkey Island SE on 360 today. It's The Secret of Monkey Island, as predicted. Surprisingly fun to play with the 360 controller, didn't feel as clunky as I had initially feared. The hotswap from old to new is fantastic, but the real disappointment here is that the voices can't be enabled for the Classic version. Besides that I really don't have any complaints- sounds great, animations are... as good as they could be, considering (as far as I know) it's just painted over the original, and it's a ten dollar remake of Secret of Monkey Island. Didn't LucasArts say, though, that they're using this ten dollar remake of The Secret of Monkey Island to test the water for more remakes? Fingers crossed.
  11. Far Cry 2

    Haven't played the game after I beat it (should get back to it soon) but I kind of liked driving around on the roads, except when it got to the point where the objective was 90 miles south of the headquarters in which case it became monotonous and annoying. The swimming is really great, until you get Malaria and drown at any random time, which is why I stayed away from it throughout.
  12. Books, books, books...

    I agree, but I liked Artemis Fowl enough when I read it to be kind of optimistic on the whole thing. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.
  13. Books, books, books...

    Currently mainly reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I just started and is extremely well written, and The Hitchhiker trilogy in time for the sixth book when it comes out in October. Also my girlfriend's copy of the Hobbit is around here somewhere. I should probably get started on reading that.
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Yeah this has been quoted before but, pretty much that except replace "Something Awful" with "I lurk on NeoGAF. Woo!" I go to high school. Guess what? It sucks. I guess now I should list a bunch of video games. Currently The Secret of Monkey Island is wasting my time until the Special Edition comes out. Also running through Sam and Max Hit the Road, Prince of Persia (got the Special Edition at the Gamestop sale, good stuff) and I just realized I've had Point Lookout for Fallout 3 downloaded for 2 weeks and haven't found time to play it out of the time I already spend gaming, reading, and general screw around-ery (which does or doesn't involve Lost, depending what time of the year it is.) So, uh, hi.