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  1. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    There are alot of parties on that night so I probably won't make it. Have fun everyone I would have loved to meet some fellow thumbs
  2. Idle Thumbs GDC Meetup 2014 - 3/20 9pm at Dear Mom

    Is this meeting still occuring ? How is everyone coordinating ? (intermittent internet connection here)
  3. Neptune's Pride

    They have a surpringly unhelpful help section. I can't even tell how to send my ships to other planets
  4. The FAKE Engineer Update (or is it!?)

    It certainly fooled quite a few people on the Shack
  5. Wow I'm glad to hear that Bioware as the same poo problems we do at UbiMtl. Maybe it's a industry wide issue. Smells like a good article on Gamasutra ;D
  6. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    J'aime les croissants, du fromage et des baguettes. Is that enough ?
  7. How about the pic where Jake or Nick looks like Big Bird ? I never managed to find it
  8. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    First I'll let you know that the abandoned warehouse is actually our office space. So please buy the game so we can stop working in a bombed out shelter from Eastern Europe. Secondly you should take a look at the E3 run-through instead You'll get a better look at the game and its innovative features