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  1. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    Idea for the new podcast's name: Idle Banter!
  2. Idle Thumbs Criterion Film Club?

    Hey, may I just ask whose turn it is to pick a movie. I didn't really keep up with this thread for the last moth, but would still love to contribute to it.
  3. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Not really surprising. The guy has released two albums in the early 70s and then disappeared from putting out music until a few years ago when he release an excellent third full length. The thing I most enjoy in his music is the sincerity that he manages to get across. As far as the loudest bands ever go I have to say I am bit turned of by the idea of a bend being loud just so that it is loud. It seem like most of them are trying to hide their mistakes/non-musicianship behind being loud to the point when no one can recognize what they are fucking up. There needs to be some reason for it for me. That said, the loudness of seeing GY!BE live and even more hearing My Bloody Valentine performing Holocaust live was quite an out of body experience. Just saw Arcade Fire live in this old castle near Verona. Their new album just came into place for me now. The whole concept around the show was based on mirrors and light reflecting from them into the audience. They even had a guy dressed in a suit covered by shattered mirrors walking through the audience.
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Magazine is awesome. I'd say that their second album Secondhand daylight is even better than the first, even though Real life is probably more iconic. I've been recently obsessed with Bill Fay's Time of the last persecution, especially the title track:
  5. Idle Thumbs Criterion Film Club?

    I'd be totally up for this. It also be a nice way to come back into this forum thing after some time.
  6. It's been quite some time since I posted here. Not that it matter. I'd like to recommend few of my favorite books for the book club discussion. First, one of the best book I have read recently, “Dreams of my Russian Summers” by Andrei Makine. The story behind this book is very interesting. Makine is a Russian who emigrated to France in the late 80s and than started to write book in french, although russian is his first language. And what is even more interesting is that his style and wording surpasses most of the french born writers, although I do not know of the quality of the english translation. The story centers on his childhood and the relationship that he had with his grandmother, and then evolves into how he has become what he has become. I would highly recommend this book, it is one of the last great novels of the 20th century, and one of the last great russian novels(even though it was originally written in french). Other ones: The Reader by Bernard Schlink Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
  7. Life

    About a week ago there was a prostest agains a mayor of one of our larger cities, because of the coruption and the still decreasing public image he is holding. The protesters were met with the heavy resistance of the police, they even used some gas for the first time in the country. Off course people were shocked and over this week there were protests in more and more cities. People weren't protesting just against that mayor, but against our politicians as a whole. We are sick of them. Most of them are here since the early 90s, but still spend most of their time arguing between each other about some stupid ideological problems(who was on who's side in WW2,...) that are curently completly irelevant, especialy at the current state of our country. There is a big greed for power here, even though most of them are completly imcompetent(some haven't even finished high school, some of them copied their university theises from someone else,... but they still don't leave the scene). So yesterday there was this big prostest in the capital against all this. And what happened? People were protesting peacefully, policeman who were there were wearing flowers on the uniforms to show their support of the people. And then, there came some huligans, anarchist who started throwing bricks and fireworks into the policemen, parlament and even the people who were protesting. The peacefulness of the protest ended there with the big group of people separate dinto two smaller groups. One was being violent and provoking across the city and the other one being peacefull and even helping the police maintain order. At the start, this protest were as light at the end of the tunel, because people finlly decided to do something about the current state of our political scene(which were are alll tired of), but this was all destroyed with few individuals trying to creat conflicts. O, and we are having elections tommorow.
  8. Life

    That's terrible. In twenty years time we will all be slaves of some multicorporation (just like in Cloud Atlas, just that we'll be getting our daily dose of twitter instead of soap).
  9. Life

    Yes, the internet is the worst thing that can happen to you if you actually need to do something. Don't know why I wrote that yesterday but it feels good. Change your lifes folks, it's great. And IB is a high school thing(18-19 year old), although things are a bit diffrent here compared to Britain or US.
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I've just seen GodspeedYBE live, with dirty three opening for them. It was loud, violent, life changing and beautiful. Against them Sigur Ros concert from september looked like music for kids. The new matrial is excelent life(Mladic and Behemoth), but the higlights were Sad Mafioso(part of East Hasting) and Moyo. If you get a chance to see them, do it. p.s.: if anyone is actually seeing them, could he pm me. I have “a t-shirt“ problem:)
  11. Life

    Ok, here I go. There's been this wierd conglomerat of changes in my life that are all conected between each other. Basicly, i went from my regular school program to an IB(intenational biccalurate) one, which I enjoy emensly and all, but the thing that I've noticed is that my personality and view of life has changed greatly over the last half of the year. I've almost completely distanced myself from the internet and all things related to it, including this forum and games in general. this may be due to the podcast“s long abstence(it's been the sole reason i kept interest in games anyway), the amount of work I have to do,etc. Now I basicly spend all my free time and money on books and music, and suprisingly i feel much more free doing it than I did before. I'm even thinking of selling my desktop computer and buying a cheap laptop since I'm only using it for internet stuff and writting. It's hard to describe how enfreshing is go out into the wild to just be there without a billion of little things that disturbe you. I'm not saying that i'm quiting internet or something, just that I've greatly repreoritised what i want to do with my life and how willing i am in doing this. I think this isn't a product of IB, but of the change that happened. It wasn't all enjoyable and easy, but as it is with all changes, good things in life come only from tears and sweat. No shit no roses. So, this kind of stuff happens to everyone right?
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Any of you heard of Godspeed You Black Emperor? They just announced a new album, “Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!“.
  13. New website!

    Wow, the site is beautiful. Is there a way to go to it directly from the forum? Also, can't wait for the book cast!!