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  1. Ha, I don't know if Remo's secret ubertroll identity will work out as well on Idle Book Club as it does on Idle Thumbs. Chris is an expert at deploying subtle comments that send Jake on riffs or cause Nick to work himself up, but the Argobot can see these maneuvers coming (ex: CHRIS: "So, these law students..."), politely acknowledging the bait but not taking it. She's too smart for you, Chris!
  2. Life

    Thanks, Miffy! Contact me anytime. I just got to Vancouver. It's cold!
  3. Life

    You're in good company. I quit my job of 8 1/2 years a few weeks ago. In a few hours, I will be in Vancouver, BC for two months. I will be working on a few personal writing projects but when March rolls around I will also need a new direction in life. If any of you at all are in Vancouver or the greater Pacific Northwest, look me up! Message me on twitter @mikemariano! Enlist me in your pen-and-paper-and/or-card game! Get me out of the house every once in a while!
  4. Life

    Happy Birthday Nick Breckon!
  5. 2015's Games of the Year?

    If we can count expansions, my game of the year 2015 is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: Afterbirth. I have done each day's Daily Run, have completed Greed Mode with every character I have unlocked, and have made this game way too much a part of my life. Runner up: Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Playing both this and Pillars of Eternity in the same year made me realize how much more I enjoy the action/reaction of turn-based RPG combat vs. the confusing rush of shapes of real-time-with-pause combat. Harebrained Schemes is so good at storytelling through their games—I loved just walking around the docks and talking to old men playing mahjong. I feel bad knocking down Shadowrun after two years (2013 and 2014) in the top spot. It's still really good!
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    So when Santa Petman comes down all of our chimneys, what should I leave out on the cookie tray for him?
  7. Just realized that due to Henry's casting this game is indeed "Story Rich."
  8. Oooh, new thread title! Because of Puzzle Agent I am convinced that the answer to all the mysteries in Firewatch is: gnomes.
  9. Fallout: New Vegas

    I have consistently failed to get New Vegas to run on my MacBook Pro. I played it on my Xbox 360 until the disc drive stopped working but never got to the DLC. Time to build a computer solely to play this game, but I don't know if I can do what Ninety-Three did. One moment I really enjoyed from New Vegas was Cass's Heartache By The Number quest and its two-person assault against the Van Graff gun shop. We had to sneak into the building across the street, lob grenades at the guards, then hope for the best (and reload often) fighting the Van Graffs inside. It felt appropriately brutal. I've been reading a few Fallout 4 diaries and it seems so many groups are hostile all the time. If everyone is shooting at you from a mile away, you can't recreate the feeling of starting a raid with Cass.
  10. Classic Trek has endured for 6+ years of the new films appearing and disappearing, so New Trek really is rudely butting in on Classic Trek each time Paramount wants to make more money. For me, I'll just rewatch the episode where Kirk and McCoy end up on the Civil War Planet.
  11. Life

    Stay strong! I have no useful firsthand advice, but the divorcés I know have all ended up happier than they were.
  12. Oh, I totally forgot: get well Jake, don't get lockjaw Jake. Beware all Christmas trees.
  13. In two days I will be unemployed with no foreseeable means of income, but I just pledged all of my savings for the imaginary crowdfunding for Shinji Mikami's Crotchroach.
  14. System Shock: The Third

    Otherside has been a smart team so far with what they've shown for Underworld, so hopefully that's a good sign. I think they're a small team, though, so I'm not sure the scope of the game they can make. What is the significance of "strawberry"? Does the game take place on a farm share?
  15. How many times has Sean had to yell at teens during a Firewatch demo?
  16. I was never cool enough to be part of my own family.
  17. Life

    Yay cat pictures! I am so allergic that I would be dead if that were me in that photo, but that's no less adorable.
  18. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    There is now an external site that displays Daily Run scores: greedbutt.com! I looked myself up and my score looks terrible compared to when I do the challenge early in the day. Also, Nicalis completely broke the Mac version of the game yesterday for what I guess was a special Iwata run? They fixed it today, but I missed out!
  19. Psychonauts 2

    Wow, I just found a third appearance from last week, in which Newell endorses some kitchen implement.
  20. Psychonauts 2

    Gabe Newell's career change to become a crowdfunding pitch video guest star (see also Clang) instead of head of a games company is weird, but it seems to be what he enjoys.
  21. Psychonauts 2

    Let's have none of that talk! After all, Spacebase lead JP LeBreton is excited for his old team's new venture!
  22. Psychonauts 2

    What level do I have to back it at to get the Manny Calavera iPhone case?
  23. Her Story

    Ha, I must have done that—one more clip did it. Game over! I did one more search after that end-game prompt: I googled my own name. Apparently I've seen fewer than half the clips, so what do I know?
  24. Her Story

    I bought Her Story during the Steam Sale. You all know more about it than I do! I thought I basically completed the game because nearly all of the story had been revealed. I couldn't imagine any more twists to come. So I stopped playing and started listening to the Spoilercast. Then Steve revealed a mid-game event that I had not experienced. So I guess I need to keep playing!
  25. Excellent reminder! Luckily someone put it on YouTube: