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  1. The Secret History of Twin Peaks

    UGGGGGGHHHH I am about ten pages away from the end of the book and guess who gets added to Twin Peaks lore?
  2. You guys trying to end the show but failing is the true ruination cast. Every additional "e-mail us at questions at idle thumbs dot net!" contained another piece of your souls breaking off and floating away. It was a good podcast.
  3. The Secret History of Twin Peaks

    Just bought this. I flipped through to a random page to discover that Frost mentions my favorite character—Double R regular Toad!
  4. Just watched that part of . His word choices alone—"No fucking way I will accept that as a decent ending!"—are amazing.
  5. This is amazing! Definitely write this in to questions at idle thumbs because I'd love to hear them talk about it.
  6. Ha ha wow. Though Chris might have liked it more if it was a local news broadcast filled with errors.
  7. Wasteland 2

    I am trying to play Pillars of Eternity for a second time through with the additional White March content and cannot find anything to enjoy about the combat. I never thought I'd be a partisan in the "turn-based vs. real-time-with-pause" wars, but I keep thinking back to Wasteland 2 and how each combat decision felt meaningful. Like Bjorn, I quit Wasteland 2 twice and never finished it. Fights remained difficult and I got into a situation in which it was seemingly impossible to finish the story. I also never gave the "Director's Cut" revision a try. So yeah, I'm definitely still interested in what the next game might be, but there's a good chance it won't be for me.
  8. I wonder if there are any major directors who'd be interested in Firewatch?
  9. Idle Thumbs 280: Hamburger Mode

    Congrats Chris for powering through the podcast sounding like you have the worst cold and still doing a great job. And Nick's Software, Inc. stories were amazing, but I have no idea how any actual software developers can play a game like that without feeling ill the whole time.
  10. The Last Guardian

    The Last Guardian Release Date: Holiday 2011 Wired, reporting six years ago this coming Friday.
  11. Twin Peaks Discussion

    That's probably coincidence instead of design, but if this is meant to include characters who had prominent public roles in town (and that's a total shot in the dark), wouldn't Norma or Catherine be good choices to include? I found the official blurb on the Amazon page for the audiobook. That's Our Waldo apparently already made the joke that Mark Frost will voice his old character, news reporter Cyril Ponds.
  12. Our beloved Steve Gaynor's The Fullbright Company has announced their first game: Gone Home It's fun, exploratory stuff! iGdaa4MYerg Needs more .
  13. System Shock: The Third

    The main takeaway I got from today's Polygon article is that Warren Spector loves his lore! I still hope you play as Shodan in this game. If they're going to build on the goofy ending cutscene from the second game, they might as well commit to Shodan's ability to possess people and turn it into a game mechanic! Like a reverse Headlander!
  14. YES! I totally think this could sell a lot of movies, even by directors/producers/stars who aren't as charismatic as Albert Brooks. Or maybe Albert Brooks just does the trailer for every movie!
  15. At first I thought I had previously seen this but I hadn't and it's good! This is really good. I felt in both works that the fictional relationships felt complete. Donald never felt fake to me—he wasn't just a foil to Charlie; he had his own goals and relationships. And Coda demands an identity separate from his relationship with Wreden—one that Wreden will never know.
  16. Rock, Paper Shotgun's "Have You Played...?" series discusses The Beginner's Guide! Wade into the comments for some still-strong opinions! One of the negative opinions felt that Wreden, as the narrator, was specifically narrating to someone who bought his game on Steam, therefore any of his confessions are just "content"—just audio files you paid for. Therefore any emotional appeal in the game is false! I have a hard time getting to that point. I never thought of the narrator as the guy collecting my dollar bills (even though he is?)—I thought of him as a storyteller. I guess, "hey, buy this and let me talk at you" is a valid reading of this game (and almost anything), but it's really limiting.
  17. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I made this my pinned tweet last night for no reason: Also, did you see that news about the audio version of Mark Frost's Secret History of Twin Peaks? Original cast members will voice their characters! Only the male ones! Including Hank! I don't know what to make of it.
  18. AM2R - Samus roids again

    Metroid II is my favorite Metroid game! But as Derek said, the isolation was a huge part of that. Music and a mini-map don't really aid that, but the YouTube stream I was watching seemed pretty good for the first 15 minutes. This is impressive work!
  19. What is the Nadir of the Simpsons?

    This...this is a black day for baseball.
  20. Idle Thumbs 274: A Good One

    Now I wish Sean was on the cast, because as soon as you floated ideas like an Idle Thumbs version of Book It! and fake plastic Rock Band fax machines, he would have immediately tried to get you guys to make these real. We'd be ordering fax machine peripherals on the Idle Thumbs store by the end of the month. And you guys still know how to play the hits! PEDANT CORNER: Nick, dolphins and manatees aren't fish.
  21. Day of the Tentacle Special Edition

    A few podcasts have delved into some deep discussion of Day of the Tentacle. Watch Out For Fireballs recently did an episode and a follow-up listener mail about the game and its re-release. The Dev Game Club podcast, run by two former LucasArts staff members, devoted four episodes to the game, ending with an interview with Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer. Their discussion is similar to the re-release's commentary, but goes a little deeper into the decisions made during the game's development. I recommend listening to more hours of Day of the Tentacle discussion than it takes to play the game!
  22. Plug your shit

    PETER MOLYNEUX: "We're gonna un-build a cube! And we're gonna get users to pay for it!"