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  1. For what it's worth, the current episode of Dev Game Club is an interview with Mark Laidlaw. He describes some of the decisions about the game (no cutscenes, no voiced Gordon Freeman) as more limitations of development than firm decisions. http://www.devgameclub.com/blog/2017/7/5/dgc-ep-069-interview-with-marc-laidlaw
  2. Oh, and Jake's description of Lost's finale as "the worst resolution of ambiguous lore, sort of meta-arc, in TV history a decade ago," really spoke to me. I might have said this before but I felt so burned by Lost I gave up watching all new television. In the years since I've seen new episodes of grandfathered series like The Simpsons and Arrested Development, some episodes of Orphan Black before they started torturing the husband, and almost nothing else. Twin Peaks The Return brought me back!
  3. There's nothing quite like urinating out in the open air!
  4. I love Dune! I love the Beast of Yucca Flats! Now they're the same thing! Oh, and Ray is working with the fake Jeffries? Jeffries has to know that the doppelganger Cooper can pull that trick, so what good is Ray, anyway?
  5. Did a Twitter search for a text snippet of the third diary page that wasn't read by Truman or Hawk. Whoever this Twin Peaks fan is is smart!
  6. How quickly will the doppelganger Cooper dispatch Ray? Is Ray basically a goner once Mr. C. gets him alone, or is Mr. C. going to use him to get to the people who hired him? I can't tell what the doppelganger currently views as an obstacle to his plan.
  7. It requires a formal definition of a Blue Rose case which we might never get (which is OK as long as all the involved characters know it), but it explains Diane's actions and reactions very well.
  8. RIP Jerry Horne lost somewhere out in the woods presumed dead or stoned.
  9. Right! If it shows up in a stack of mail on Ben Horne's desk any supernatural explanation would seem forced.
  10. This is really good and articulates a lot of what I only had in the back of my head this week. I am trying to poke holes in this theory through one assumption: if the FBI and Twin Peaks scenes are still taking place in the real world then a dreamworld Las Vegas can't overlap. Darya and Ray were part of a conspiracy to kill the doppelganger Cooper in the real world. There are hitmen after Dougie as well, but they might not be directly connected. Both doppelganger Cooper in prison and Lorraine in Vegas seem to contact the same box in Argentina, but they still might be calling from different realities and the box might be a "conduit" between the real and artificial worlds, since it seems to be tied to Jeffries. Dougie's wedding ring is in the body of the John Doe, so that's a physical object from Vegas in the physical reality of South Dakota. But like the Owl Cave ring maybe that totem is allowed to cross realities. Is there anything else? Right now our only connections from Twin Peaks to Las Vegas can be explained away like any other dream.
  11. Because Bobby mentioned that Cooper visited Major Briggs before his death (AKA BadCoop killed him), I assumed that the doppelganger removed the pages from the diary to escape detection. Why would the doppelganger know about the diary pages if Cooper didn't? Why hide the pages instead of flushing them? Why would the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department let a bloody-foreheaded Cooper rifle through the evidence from a case that wrapped up weeks prior? I like baseless speculation, that's why!
  12. My son was standing there. He was happy and carefree, clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy.
  13. The Secret History of Twin Peaks

    Welcome back LostInTheMovies!
  14. Synopsis: Cooper has trouble moving on his own and gets "new shoes."
  15. This is extremely true.
  16. Fair point! PRO: - Cera's cameo threw enormous shade on James Hurley and the whole biker mystique. - This is a believable family dynamic for Andy and Lucy. - Cera's Wild One cosplay is better than LaBeouf's in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. CON: - We don't know the new Sheriff Truman yet so as an interaction this doesn't mean much. - The slow pacing of the new series makes a cute one-joke scene like this agonizing. The Las Vegas scenes are just as drawn out—but the mystery adds tension!
  17. If Michael Cera's cameo was that bad, what's Jim Belushi's gonna be like?
  18. Which eye was Nadine missing?
  19. Saw Covenant on Friday. Didn't like it at all! I knew going in that Scott cared more about Fassbender's character(s) than his tired old aliens, but he didn't do anything interesting with David's questions about Prometheans creating Man/Man creating Androids. Scott's disinterest borders on carelessness. Here's a positive set of tweets that's accurate as far as it goes. To like Covenant, you have to hate humanity!
  20. Yay, you're back! Sorry for hogging reader mail.
  21. Recently completed video games

    I completed Poochy and Yoshi's Woolly World for the 3DS. I didn't like it very much! The game is cute and recreates Yoshi's Island gameplay well enough, but it is too slow with too many collectibles that are agonizing to pick up. Every corner of the map must be physically explored—you're basically pixel hunting with Yoshi instead of a mouse. The typical pick-up process takes three steps. Throw an egg at an invisible question mark cloud or jump into it to make it visible. Throw another egg to hit it. Jump into it again to collect it. There are four different sets of collectibles (Stars, Special Gems, Flowers, and Yarn) and I assume I have to get all of them in every stage per level in order to unlock the bonus stage. I don't want to! But my game came with a yarn Poochy amiibo so I like that part.
  22. Jeff Goldblum

    Ugh, now I have to go see this movie.
  23. Full Throttle Remastered

    Can't disagree with any of this even though I still enjoyed myself. I basically couldn't solve a single puzzle unassisted during the last two-thirds of the game. Even the final puzzle was too hard—and the solution is the box art!
  24. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    The Watch Out For Fireballs podcast did a playthrough of Invisible War last year. It was great to hear them take the game on its own terms and it's good to see that in this thread, too. For all the pointless greasel fights and coffee espionage in this game, I really enjoyed the characters in Invisible War. Talking with NG Resonance and following my classmates as they followed different paths was interesting enough. I liked the conspiracy vibe of the first game but I liked hanging out with these people better.
  25. Thank you! I beat the game! I rushed the ending. I shouldn't have rushed the ending. People that want a Ron Gilbert-created Monkey Island 3 know they aren't going to get a tidy resolution, right?